We’re counting down the days, hours and minutes until Ambler Farm Day this Sunday, Sept. 25, which opens noon-4 p.m.. Speaking of counting, we’ve got some other fun, by-the-number Ambler Farm Day facts and figures to hold you over until the fun begins this weekend.


You have 1 day left to enter the #AmblerFarmDayGMW Photo Contest. Post your favorite photo of Ambler Farm on Facebook or Instagram, tag it with the hashtag #AmblerFarmDayGMW and make sure it’s set to “Public.” The photo with the most likes will win free parking and entrance to Ambler Farm Day for one family. (See specific rules on our first story about the contest.)


In 2015, volunteers sold all 76 homemade apple, blueberry and pumpkin pies that were baked by volunteers to be sold at Ambler Farm Day


There were 400 pumpkins picked at the 2015 Ambler Farm Day pumpkin patch


Visitors at 560 hotdogs last year


Sandwiches were slightly less popular than hot dogs, as there were over 400 sandwiches eaten at the 2015 Ambler Farm Day


Ambler Farm Day attendees got crafty in 2015. They made more than 100 clothespin dolls, 75 pinecone bird feeders, and over 280 scarecrows. Plus they decorated 380 pumpkins too!

We wonder how they’ll top that in 2016. Stay tuned…