After a tense and long discussion at Wednesday night’s Board of Finance mill rate deliberation meeting, and a much shorter Thursday night meeting, the Board of Finance set the town’s mill rate at 27.3371 mils on the grand list, increasing the tax rate by 1.89%.

The vote was not unanimous; at 5-1, Peter Balderston, one of the newest members of the board, was the only vote against. Balderston had argued for a zero-percent increase from the Board of Education.

The Board of Education’s operating budget was set at $80,576,640 by the 5-1 vote. The Board of Selectmen‘s operating budget was set at $31,015,101 by a vote of 6-0.

In addition, the BOF voted to recommend the two projects brought by the selectmen for capital bonding. The first is the continuation of Wilton’s road restoration paving project for $1.8 million; it was recommended by a vote of 6-0. The second is replacing the artificial turf field at the Wilton High School stadium, with a coconut husk field and concussion padding, for $650,000; it was also recommended by a vote of 6-0.

The budget and capital projects will be presented to the town for consideration at the Town Meeting and vote on Tuesday, May 3, (with adjourned voting on Saturday, May 7).