At the time I was first nominated for the position of first selectman, never did I ever contemplate that I was embarking on a ten year journey of public service!

As I look back, it has been an honor to represent and serve the community, where our children were raised and where we have lived for almost forty years. Serving as your first selectman has enriched my life and presented an opportunity for me to make numerous friends and to work with so many outstanding employees and dedicated volunteers, plus many, many talented Wilton citizens. To all, I wish to express my personal gratitude for your help and many contributions to our wonderful community. In brief, it has been an awesome and memorable experience for me!

It is impossible for me to name all the individuals to whom I owe so much, but I would be remiss, if I did not thank my lovely wife, Kathleen who over the years has had to put up with many lonely evenings and interrupted weekends. In brief, government is not easy, and therefore to those citizens and friends who have stood with me and elected me four times to serve Wilton, I shall always be grateful.

In bidding farewell, I urge the community to set aside differences and work together more effectively in the future in the spirit and tradition of Wilton. We have a great town and wonderful, generous community spirit. Let us not forget how lucky we all are to call Wilton our home.

Thanks again for the memories and for providing me the honor of serving as your first selectman.

Bill Brennan