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Haskell is True Political Talent

To the Editor:

Once in a great while a true political talent arrives on the scene. This is the case this year with Will Haskell.

Will brings intelligence, optimism, a new generation of leadership and energy to counter the status quo, and a real commitment to serving every individual in the CT 26th Senatorial District.

He will fight for fiscal sustainability, a revitalized CT economy, improved infrastructure, reduced gun violence, and quality education for all.  He will break the log jam in Hartford.

I endorse Will Haskell for State Senator.

Kathleen C. Kalamarides

With So Much at Stake, Re-Elect Lavielle

To the Editor:

With all the challenges that Connecticut is facing, Wilton needs Gail Lavielle to continue to represent us in Hartford. Gail has been a strong voice in the legislature for fiscal discipline so that our tax dollars are being well spent and has focused on getting our state budgets back in balance. She has also championed education and worked hard to ensure that Wilton received its Educational Cost Sharing revenue promised but often cut back by the governor. With so much at stake, it is imperative that Wilton re-elect Gail, an experienced voice of reason in the State General Assembly.

Jeffrey Rutishauser

Cafero’s Experience is Unmatched

To the Editor:

I write in support of Larry Cafero as our next Judge of Probate for the Norwalk/Wilton Probate Court. Larry’s experience as a lawyer, public servant and member of the community is unmatched. Having practiced law for over 36 years, Larry also devoted 28 years to public service including 22 years as State Representative of the 142nd District in the Connecticut Legislature representing Norwalk and Wilton. Larry Cafero has volunteered for scores of charitable and educational organizations in our community including being a Special Olympics coach for the Wilton YMCA. Larry possesses the experience, compassion and demeanor that will make him an outstanding Judge of Probate. Please join me in voting for Larry Cafero as our next Judge of Probate.

Anthony Cenatiempo

Insanity Is Doing Same Thing Over and Over

To the Editor:

Insanity Is…

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Hartford has been one party Democrat rule since 2011, meanwhile, the trajectory has taken the deep southern direction:  $8.8 billion loss of income over the last five years, 9.3% loss of GDP since 2007, and an eye popping $4.5 billion biennial deficit for fiscal years 2020-2021.

As Democratic Governor Malloy now states, Connecticut is tackling the “biggest challenges this State has ever seen.” Not surprisingly, the Governor has decided not to run again.

So, why would any voter whether Independent, Democrat or Republican vote for anyone who supports the same policies and follows the same footsteps of the present ruling party. That is insanity.

Miriam H. Sayegh, Esq.

Shame on the Haskell Campaign 

To the Editor:

For the third time this week I opened my mailbox to find a mailer full of lies about Senator Toni Boucher. Shame on the Haskell campaign and its supporters for trying to win votes by resorting to such sleazy, nefarious means.

Will Haskell clearly doesn’t understand Wilton because if he had spent any time here, he would know that Wiltonians value reasoned debate, and vote for experienced candidates with well-articulated positions. Haskell began the campaign vowing not to resort to dirty tricks. Clearly the heat has gotten a little too hot, and now in the final days, he is throwing a tantrum.

David Finkelstein

Electing a Wiltonian ‘Makes Sense’

To the Editor:

Doesn’t it make sense to elect someone to represent us in Hartford who actually lives in our community, and understands the concerns facing Wilton? I don’t think we can overstate how fortunate Wilton is to have Gail Lavielle, a long-time resident standing up for us. Among other things, Gail helped restore early morning train service out of Wilton, and fought back efforts to eliminate Wilton’s share of the education cost share grant. Gail understands that Wiltonians are already over-taxed, and has consistently opposed all proposed tax increases. Gail Lavielle is Wilton’s true asset in Hartford, and must be reelected!


Christine O’Day

Wilton has been Well Served by Lavielle

To the Editor:

Wilton has been well served by our Senior State Representative and long-time resident Gail Lavielle for eight years. She has provided unrivaled accessibility, leadership and is intensely focused on fiscal responsibility and accountability in creating a sustainable budget for our state.

Gail provides frequent updates to local governing boards on legislative and executive activities in Hartford helping local officials better serve their communities. She not only has a deep understanding of the needs of Wilton and the rest of the 143rd District, but importantly, is committed to knowledge sharing both to and from her constituents.

Gail has the seniority and know-how to effect changes in Hartford. As a ranking member on a number of important committees including Education, Finance and Bonding, and Transportation, she understands how to navigate the complex systems in Hartford. We need her experience to continue to effect important change.

Gail is focused on initiatives to grow the state’s tax base by retaining current businesses as well as attracting new ones. This can only be done by halting higher tax growth caused by unsustainable spending. She is committed to reforming Connecticut’s government labor costs including controlling the DOT’s excessively high construction costs, among the highest in the country on a per mile basis. Tolls and higher gas taxes are not the solution.

Gail Lavielle brings the experience, seniority, and accesibility to continue making a difference for our communities and our state. Regardless of your political party affiliation, I urge you to re-elect Gail Lavielle.

Walter Kress

Democratic Slate has Outstanding Candidates in Tartell and Haskell

To the Editor:

It will be no surprise that I encourage you to vote for our Democratic Ticket. This year we have a slate of outstanding candidates.

Locally, there are two candidates that I strongly endorse.

Ross Tartell would be a fabulous State Representative for the 125th district. A long time Wilton resident, he knows our issues. His professional skills are exactly what Hartford needs.

Will Haskell, candidate for State Senate, is the hardest campaigning candidate I have ever met. We need to see that energy directed toward Hartford.

Most important is to vote. Make your voice heard–don’t skip this election!

Deborah McFadden

Republican Candidates will Provide Change CT Needs

To the Editor:

Next Tuesday will be the most important election in Connecticut history.  State and local issues—not national issues—are paramount.

Today, Connecticut is 46th in economic growth, 46th in road quality, 47th in state-pension funding, 47th in population growth, 50th in personal income growth since 2007, and 50th in employment growth since 1992; we are peers with Alabama and Mississippi. Our children cannot find employment in-state after college; jobs continue to be lost as companies close or move; older and higher income residents are leaving in droves. Our deficit is ballooning and has not been contained by the Democrats, who have controlled the state for 38 of the past 40 years.

Connecticut needs change–fresh leadership with a new vision. Our Republican candidates provide that and will take us off of the road to economic perdition. Voting Democratic means following their failed leadership and policies deeper into the pit which they have dug. When the Pony Express delivered the mail, it did not change experienced riders–it changed tired horses. For me, the choice is clear. Let’s change horses from the old, tired Democrat rule and ride into the future on a fresh GOP horse with Toni Boucher, Gail Lavielle and Tom O’Dea as our experienced riders and Bob Stefanowski as Governor.

Ken McCallum

Thomas Understands How to Bring About Change

To the Editor:

Stephanie Thomas for State Representative – 143rdDistrict

We keep saying we want to attract more business to Connecticut and retain the young professionals we train in our great schools. But we return the same people to Hartford. Stephanie Thomas understands how to bring about change. She’s a self-made businesswoman who lives in Norwalk, a Connecticut town that is prospering and achieving those goals. She knows Wilton well and understands more than most just how important transportation and high-quality education are to our success. She will protect them above all. Anyone who suggests otherwise just doesn’t know this woman as I do. She is conscientious, diligent and totally loyal. She understands the challenges of small business people, and the concern many of us share that we preserve the political civility and collaboration that traditionally made Connecticut strong. She does not retreat to bashing the other party because she’s out of ideas. She has the energy we need in the State House. And she has our back.

Brad Williams

A Vote for Will Haskell is a Vote for Fresh Ideas

To the Editor:

Connecticut needs Will Haskell. Will has been endorsed by Barack Obama, the National Organization for Women CT, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate. Will will fight for true equality in our communities. He will protect a woman’s right to choose. He will fight to protect funding for Planned Parenthood. He will combat sexual harassment and he will ensure that no one can purchase a gun without a comprehensive background check. Will Haskell will work to close the wage gap, finally pass paid family leave and support basic fairness in the workplace.

Connecticut needs a new voice in the State Senate; Will Haskell will be that new voice and provide that new energy. Vote for Will Haskell for State Senate on Tuesday, Nov. 6. We must do better.

Leslie Holmes

Stephanie Thomas is Best for 143rd District

To the Editor:

Some moths ago when the Republicans in Washington were pushing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I contacted my State Representative Gail Lavielle to voice my concern. I explained the case of a family member (among millions of others) who would be greatly impacted. I asked her to submit a resolution against such an action or at the very least voice opposition in Hartford on the floor–to send a message to Washington from Wilton. She refused. I guess everything else that Pres. Trump stands for is also okay with her too. Her positions in Hartford reveal more:  against absentee and early voting, against increased transparency for large corporate donations, against a minimum wage increase to $8.50/hour, and even opposed medical marijuana use. While Ms. Lavielle introduced 168 bills in Hartford, none were passed.

It is time for a change. For State Representative, I strongly support Stephanie Thomas, a driven, purposeful and strategic leader who will bring fresh energy to the consensus-building work of turning our statewide economy around. She is a businesswoman who knows that it takes collaboration to get things done and attract business to our state. She also understands that, without a good transportation system, that’s not going to happen. Incumbents have had decades to fix things. Stephanie will try new directions. Hers is a proactive approach toward the fight for legislation that protects and enhances issues such as gun safety, women’s rights, and voting rights. Stephanie Thomas is best for the 143rd District.


Tom Gunther

Haskell:  A Leader who Represents Our Values, On the Right Side of Issues

To the Editor:

All the experience in the world does not make bad ideas good ideas. We must do better. We can do better. But we must have better leadership, better ideas, a better plan and a better, stronger, more focused voice in Hartford. Will Haskell will be that better, stronger voice and will provide that better leadership.

Will Haskell will make women’s health care a priority. He will defend a woman’s right to choose and protect funding for Planned Parenthood.

Will Haskell recognizes the sexual harassment epidemic that threatens women across the country and across the state. He will sponsor the Time’s Up Act to combat sexual harassment and assault.

Will Haskell recognizes the importance of equal pay for equal work. He will work to close the gender wage gap and finally pass paid family leave. Will Haskell understands the necessity of achieving basic fairness in the workplace.

Will Haskell will fight to ensure that no one can purchase a gun without a comprehensive background check and to ban the sale of multiple firearms in a single transaction.

We will do better with a leader who represents our values and who is on the right side of the issues. Vote for Will Haskell for state Senator on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Melissa Spohn