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No One has More Integrity, Purpose and Dedication Than Toni Boucher

To the Editor:

Toni Boucher worked with me for almost 20 years at a prominent investment firm in Wilton. In my long career, I never worked with someone with more energy, enthusiasm for their job, and dedication to doing the right thing. Over many years and often at the same time, she raised a family, held down a full-time day job and served as a public servant in positions of great responsibility: member of the Board of Selectmen, School Board Chair, State Representative, and State Senator. She excelled at all of them. In her role in the state legislature she was very effective, often working with colleagues across the aisle to pass important legislation and in turn working tirelessly to improve education, help those in need and to reverse the relentless decline of Connecticut’s business competitiveness. Toni is a pleasure to be around, loves people and is beloved in turn by family, friends and colleagues. No one acts with more integrity, purpose and dedication to the public good. It is a pleasure and an honor to have known and worked with Toni and I heartily endorse her candidacy for the State Senate.

John S Griswold

Wilton has Benefitted from Kim Healy, an “Inspiration”

To the Editor:

As a Wilton resident for 16 years, I am writing in support of Kim Healy, the Republican candidate for State Representative (42nd District).

I have known Kim for some years now and I can only describe her as a wonderful person, a loyal friend with very strong family values, and a very dedicated civil servant. I see Kim as a caring, compassionate, intelligent woman with a generous and kind heart who is willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Her strengths stem from her approachability and her home-grown candor attitude.

She is an inspiration for us and our town has only benefited from Kim’s devotion to her civil work. As a Hispanic mother, I value Kim’s devotion to supporting legislation that nurtures our kids and those of underperforming schools in our inner cities.

I know she will serve as a State Representative with the same passion she exhibits in all of her endeavors. I wish her the very best and encourage neighbors to cast a vote for her on the coming elections.

Maria Soledad Deidan

Kim Healy will Fight for Local Control and What Makes Wilton Special

To the Editor:

Our family moved across the country from Los Angeles to Wilton in 2019 so that we could have a better quality of life. The principal reasons we chose this area were its quaint town centers, peaceful open spaces and forests, beautiful historic architecture, lack of traffic, and great schools.

But now, unfortunately, we see these wonderful qualities starting to come under pressure. The Democrats have been steadily chipping away at local control of zoning (see 8-30g) and trying hard to take away local control of schools (many proposals in recent years pushing differing levels and modes of regionalization) and, as a consequence, large apartment buildings are starting to go up. This threatens to turn our towns into generic urban sprawl with the traffic and overcrowded school classrooms to match.

I urge you to vote for Kim Healy to help ensure we have someone fighting for local control so we can protect what makes our towns special and beautiful.

Kind regards,

Doug Davison

Ceci Maher — a Strong Leader with Fresh Ideas to Solve Tough Problems

To the Editor,

I support Ceci Maher, Democratic candidate for State Senator representing the
26th Senate District — running for the seat that Will Haskell is transitioning away
from after four years. As CEO of Person-to-Person for 14 years, Ceci has
demonstrated that she is a strong leader who has fresh ideas and can
pragmatically solve tough problems.

The United States Supreme Court recently expanded the unfettered right to
“open carry” any type of gun. Ceci’s experience as Executive Director of Sandy
Hook Promise has prepared her to help create safety in a world inundated with
gun violence, where the Republicans’ only solution is to pray following the deaths
of innocent victims.

Understanding people, the power of education, the impact of good jobs, the
importance of justice and human dignity for all, and the preservation of women’s
reproductive choice are hallmarks of Ceci’s capacity to serve. With Ceci, you know
your voice will be heard and your rights protected. I urge you to vote for Ceci on
Election Day, Nov. 8.

Ronald Rendell

Vote Democratic for Democracy

To the Editor:

Democracy is the basis for all of which we revere in the country. And as of yet, with a pandemic of lies and radicalization spreading throughout our country, that democracy is under an existential threat. We all saw footage of insurrectionists storming the capitol and desecrating the sanctity of our Congress on Jan. 6. We all saw footage of insurrectionists trying to throw out one of the most fundamental pieces of our democracy. And we all saw 147 Republican lawmakers still vote to throw out the free and fair results of the 2020 election afterwards. It is our prerogative and duty, as Americans, to ensure that at all levels of Government the party that backs this big undemocratic lie stays out of all office and stays as far away from it as humanly possible. Down ballot, we have to ensure that the people that take care of our town and community believe in our fundamental democracy. I understand some moderate voters’ reticence in voting Democratic, it always feels like the incumbents are doing something wrong; but to me, our choice as voters is simple. Vote Democratic for democracy, vote for Keith Denning and Ceci Maher this November .

John Michael Valat de Cordova

Ceci Maher is Committed to Progress

To the Editor:

The future for Wilton, Connecticut and our country depends on the experience, strength, skills and commitment of our elected officials. Our progress depends on firm values, clear goals and a deep understanding of priorities. Ceci Maher has all the right qualities. She is committed to the future while holding true to the values and priorities endemic to Wilton.

Ceci’s 20 years of leadership in non-profits, volunteering and prior business experience make her uniquely suited to the present. We need a leader to move us forward and it takes experience to lead. Ceci is committed to making progress on our communities’ most important issues. She will bring her leadership and experience to Hartford to ensure our voice is heard, our goals are prioritized and our values are brought to bear on every issue facing our community.

This election is very important. Our Democracy is on the line. I am voting for Ceci Maher as the one candidate who is committed to progress, and has the leadership, the skills and the commitment needed to move us forward. Her opponent is looking to the past – Ceci’s eyes are on the future.

Join me. Vote for a strong Connecticut future. Vote for Ceci Maher.

Maurice Krasnow

Kim Healy is “Principle-Based, No-Nonsense, Pragmatic Leader”

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Kim Healy for State Representative.

Kim is a longtime resident who raised her four children in Wilton and while doing so has volunteered her time to many civic organizations. Kim has been co-chair of Minks to Sinks.  As a certified public accountant and former auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, she has donated her talents over the past eight years assisting local AARP members with tax preparation. She sits on the CT Reading Leadership Implementation Council, was Treasurer of the Wilton Library, and is currently serving on the Wilton Board of Selectmen. I have gotten to know Kim personally and find her to be a principle-based, no-nonsense, pragmatic leader who makes her own decisions.

Kim is ready on day one to represent our community in Hartford.  One need only to refer to the Good Morning Wilton interview with her opponent, Election 2022 Special Report: Wilton Debates, Bumpy Road Ahead — Keith Denning, Candidate Interview | Good Morning Wilton, to see that she is the only candidate who is up to the task.

Kim is our only responsible choice for State Representative this election.  I’m enthusiastically voting for her and encourage you to do the same.

Richard Santosky

Voters Need a Change in Washington, Vote for Jayme Stevenson

To the Editor:

Jayme Stevenson is a vote for change. Thirteen years is long enough to tell whether your Congressman is effective or not. Since 2009, has our energy independence increased or decreased?  Are our borders more secure?  Is our national security posture proactive and focused on real global threats or is it reactive and focused on trendy domestic issues? And most importantly, have the divisions in our country healed or deepened?

Jayme Stevenson has not been in Congress for the past 13 years. Instead, she’s been in Darien making her town one of the best places to live in the United States. And after serving on the Darien Board of Selectmen for 13 years, she chose to give others an opportunity to serve.

Our democracy needs to be constantly refreshed with new people and new ideas otherwise our government becomes self-interested and out of touch. Congressman is not a lifetime appointment.

Jayme is the woman we need as our next representative in the US House.  Her focus on parental rights in education, fixing the border crisis, and pro-growth policies will come as a needed and positive change.

Please join me in voting for Jayme.

Paula Hatem

Vote for Democrats to Protect Reproductive Rights

To the Editor

As a physician working out of a community health center, I witness firsthand the struggles that many Connecticut residents face in getting their basic needs met.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right, and any politician who does not believe in expanding access to healthcare for all Connecticut residents cannot be trusted to protect abortion rights either; those positions go hand in hand. Supposedly “pro-choice” Republicans may in truth only believe in choice for the wealthy and “virtuous” while denying it to everyone else, as they deny access to health care and, for that matter, high-quality schools and a healthy environment and all the other good things in life.

There are no two ways about it; voting for anyone but a Democrat is putting your individual rights as a woman at risk.

Thankfully, we have two excellent Democratic candidates for the Connecticut General Assembly this year in Ceci Maher and Keith Denning; I know them both personally to be wonderful, caring people who will work tirelessly to protect and expand Connecticut residents’ access to reproductive care and to every other kind of healthcare. Please join me in voting for them on Nov. 8.

Cynthia Feher MD, FACP

Keith Denning — A Man with Strong Vision to See Connecticut Move Forward

To the Editor:

Keith Denning knocked on my door. I was impressed with his values, commitment, passion and qualifications. Keith is a certified nurse anesthetist. During his 38 years in practice, he served on hospital staffs through the country and volunteered on medical missions around the world including Operation Smile, and PCRF, a medical organization throughout the Middle East. He acquired a unique global perspective to underline his humanitarian values.

Today’s political situation is challenging. Critical issues such as access to healthcare and reproductive care, jobs, the economy, gun law reform, and the environment are on the line.

We need Keith to represent us in Hartford. As State Representative, he will safeguard our legal protections for choice, expand access to reproductive care, and work to provide healthcare and mental healthcare to all Connecticut residents. Keith believes healthcare is a human right.

Keith is a man with a strong vision to see Connecticut move forward. He possesses a clear sense of purpose and compassion. He will fight for the issues we face so that we all have access, we all have rights that are ensured, and that we all can prosper in this town and state.

Vote for Keith Denning on Nov. 8.

Marianne Singewald

Ceci Maher — Will Best Serve Wilton

To the Editor:

This is an important election for all of us. Coming out of a pandemic with repercussions we have yet to process or understand, a divided country in ways where families find it difficult to discuss certain topics, where anger finds its way into many conversations. We need leaders who will exercise judgment, get things done and represent their constituents with a thoughtful approach.

Ceci Maher has made it her mission to find solutions for the last 20 years. Her experience with nonprofits brings a wealth of knowledge on how to get things done. Her passion for helping people is an example of how she will find solutions in Hartford. She is clear-eyed and understands the values so important to all of us here in Wilton.

If we are looking for candidates who will do the job with commitment and understands the complications of the politics right now, Ceci Maher is the person who will best serve us. She is smart, thoughtful, and committed to finding pathways to work across the aisle to get things done. We need people with a vision of what is possible for all of us.

Pam Ely

Kim Healy Comes Out Ahead on Every Important Category

To the Editor:

Kim Healy is the best-qualified candidate for the 42nd District seat. Kim is well-known to us in Wilton as she is currently serving on Wilton’s Board of Selectmen since November 2021 and is well-acquainted with local issues here in Wilton. Kim would represent our interests well as our representative in Hartford.

Kim is a long-time resident of Wilton and actively involved in the local community, years of serving on the Wilton Library Board, including as Treasurer, and for eight years a volunteer tax preparer for AARP.

From her background in public accounting at Price Waterhouse Coopers and as Wilton Library Treasurer, she has a keen sense of financial rectitude and accountability that is sorely needed in Connecticut if the state is to prosper again. Sadly, there are too few representatives in Hartford that feel or act the same way.

With Kim serving on Wilton’s highest board with distinction and having significant experience volunteering her time with various non-profit organizations, she certainly comes out ahead of her opponent on every category of importance.

Kim Healy is our best choice for the 42nd District seat representing Wilton.


Jeffrey Rutishauser