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Rodgerson vs Lavielle on Voting Access

October 19

To the Editor:

The right to vote is the cornerstone of democracy. All elected representatives should ensure all eligible voters can vote even if getting to polls on voting day is difficult. Disappointingly, Gail Lavielle voted against two Connecticut bills that allow early voting and flexible absentee ballots. Enabling greater access for all registered voters, including those who are elderly, college age, military, and with inflexible work schedules, should not be a partisan issue. A majority of states have already adopted similar provisions. Keith Rodgerson supports voter access, and I hope others will join me in supporting Keith on Nov. 4.

Pamela Klem

Boucher will Restore Fiscal Health

October 20

To the editor:

I was impressed by Toni Boucher’s recent article on ‘What Connecticut Needs.”

The current one party rule in Hartford has put our state in a chokehold through its policies of high taxes and heavy spending.

Conversely, Toni is a proven advocate for restoring Connecticut’s fiscal health through legislation that would cut state borrowing and reduce taxes so that business can thrive and families prosper.

We need Toni, and more like her, fighting the good fight on our behalf.

Please cast a vote for her on Nov. 4.

Don Challis 

Lavielle Leading Fiscal Way

October 20

To the Editor:

Unless State legislators get serious about reforming our state’s tax code and addressing our out of control spending, it will be even harder to restore economic vibrancy and attract businesses and jobs. Rep. Gail Lavielle has been leading the way, by helping write a “no tax increase” budget alternative, by prioritizing the state’s unfunded pension obligations, by taking the lead in finding ways to rethink some of the regulations that hamper small businesses, and by not being afraid to work with legislators from the other party. Rep Lavielle is a true leader and we need her in Hartford to continue her good work.

Libby Bufano

The Art of Probate

October 20

To the Editor:

My husband and I resided in Norwalk for many years. Since his recent passing I have become a resident of Wilton.

Through the years, I have had family situations where I needed the services of several probate courts. The probate court processes I went through, especially outside of Connecticut, were extremely trying.

Walking through the doors of the Norwalk/Wilton Probate Court was a breath of fresh airI was immediately welcomed by the friendly faces of Judge Anthony DePanfilis’ staff. I can see why he personally chose these people, because they reflect the kind of person he is. He is warm, caring, knowledgeable, well versed in the law and puts all at ease so that you feel assured you are in competent hands.

People can be confident voting for Judge DePanfilis regardless of their political affiliation. Although Probate Judges are elected rather than appointed, there is nothing political about the court. It is a family court dealing with family issues concerned only with resolving the issues in a fair, impartial and equitable manner. This has always been the tradition of our Probate Court under the stewardship of Judge DePanfilis.

We couldn’t ask for a more qualified person than Judge Anthony DePanfilis for our Judge of Probate. Regardless of political affiliation, he cares about the people he serves, not the party they belong to.

I whole heartedly give my support to re-electing the perfect person for the position of Judge of Probate for Norwalk and Wilton, Anthony J. DePanfilis.

Marie R DeSalvo

We are Fortunate to Have DePanfilis

October 22

To the Editor:

We are very fortunate to have Judge Anthony DePanfilis as our Probate Judge. Probate Judges handle some of the most important and sensitive cases in the judicial system from guardianships for minor children to conservatorship proceedings for disabled adults; from adoptions and paternity matters to the settlement of decedent’s estates; from commitment proceedings to fiduciary accountings. As the Probate Judge for both Wilton and Norwalk, Judge DePanfilis has one of the heaviest and most diverse caseloads in the state. He is respected by his peers and is appreciated by each individual who appears before him for his caring and compassion. He is practical and smart, and treats everyone who appears in his court respectfully and fairly. Please help keep him our Probate Judge. Please vote to re-elect Anthony DePanfilis Probate Judge on Nov. 4.

Michael P. Kaelin

Lavielle Supports Fiscal Sanity for CT

October 22

To The Editors:

Wilton, Westport and Norwalk residents are fortunate to have an outstanding state representative, Gail Lavielle. Gail has been a strong fiscal conservative. She championed a no-tax increase, balanced-budget proposal as an alternative to the governor’s record, retroactive series of tax increases. Connecticut was the only state that had negative GDP growth in 2012, largely a result of the unfriendly business climate. Gail supports fiscal sanity for our state as well as pro-growth initiatives focused on jobs, and I urge you to join me in supporting Gail Lavielle for her re-election.

Charles Wessendorf

Impressed by Lavielle’s Positive Campaign

October 23

To the Editor:

As we prepare to close the book on another election cycle, I’m proud to say that I will be voting for Gail Lavielle to continue to represent us in Hartford. I have been very impressed by the positive tone of her campaign, and her determination to focus on the issues that are so important to our community and our state. It’s easy to hurl unsubstantiated allegations and twisted facts during a campaign, but a real leader stays focused and talks about moving forward with clear and thoughtful plans for growth. My vote is with Gail Lavielle.

Gary Battaglia