GMW’s Advertising Options

Ad Placements

Leaderboard  (PREMIUM SPOT!)


  • Limited to TWO advertisers, alternating in ONE ad location
  • Appears on every page
  • 728 x 90
  • $400/month
  • $700/month exclusive

Homepage Side Banner Ad  (PREMIUM SPOT!)


  • Limited to SIX advertisers, ads rotate randomly in THREE ad locations
  • Ad also rotates on EVERY page
  • 300 x 250
  • $350/month

Homepage Between Categories  (PREMIUM SPOT!)

  • Limited to THREE advertisers, rotating in ONE ad location
  • 728 x 90
  • $200/month
    • $75/one week
    • $125/two weeks
    • $175/three weeks

GMW Home of the Week

  • ONE spot available/week
  • Changes weekly
  • Includes two weeks side banner ad on Real Estate pages
  • Featured on Front Page “Home of the Week” spot for one week
  • Advertorial:  Realtor provides 10-15 photos and editorial copy; GMW will re-write an edit as needed per standard editorial style (some restrictions, houses need to be accepted by editorial staff; will be labeled as advertorial)
  • $300
  • Runs every Tuesday; deadline for files/materials is Friday prior


Article Side Banner Ads

No advertiser limit, ads rotate randomly through SIX spots in each sidebar.


  • On EVERY page (except home and real estate) (see blue box, right)
  • 300 x 250
  • $250/month
    • $80/one week
    • $140/two weeks
    • $190/three weeks


  • On EVERY page (except home and real estate) (see Red box, right)
  • 300 x 125
  • $150/month
    • $40/one week
    • $80/two weeks
    • $115/three weeks

LARGE–Real Estate

  • On real estate page only(see Blue box)
  • 300 x 250
  • $150/month
    • $40/one week
    • $80/two weeks
    • $115/three weeks

SMALL–Real Estate

  • On real estate page only(see Red box, right)
  • 300 x 125
  • $100/month
    • $30/one week
    • $60/two weeks
    • $80/three weeks

Wilton Spotlight

We created “Wilton Spotlight” for everyone, whether you’re a long-term advertiser or a new advertiser looking for a more affordable, introductory ad. Your spotlight banner card rotates among five spots showcasing your business name, image, and message (30-word limit total). It’s the Wilton business community’s must-be-seen business directory!

  • On EVERY page
  • $50/month
  • $250/half-year
  • $500/year

In-Article Banner Ad   (PREMIUM SPOT!)

  • Runs in stories longer than FIVE paragraphs.
  • Limited to FOUR advertisers, ads rotate randomly in at least one location.
  • Additional in story placements may appear in stories longer than EIGHT paragraphs
  • 500 WIDE x 128 HIGH at 144 or 300 dpi
  • $300/month
    • $100/one week
    • $175/two weeks
    • $250/three weeks


  • Two available spots
    • Top:  $175/week (PREMIUM SPOT!)
    • Middle (between stories 3 & 4):  $150/week
    • 700 x 200
    • Newsletter reaches almost 3,900 people every morning, Monday-Friday

Other Promotional Opportunities 

(rates and ideas discussed upon request)



  • Sponsored Content:  Advertorial content begins at $150 per article
  • Paid Event Calendar Listings begin at $100 per listing
  • GMW-sponsored events
  • Social Media push
  • Co-branded collateral
  • Facebook Live Visits

Now that you know where you want your ads to go, click HERE to take a look at the ad designs you can choose from.