Late Night Wilton, Wilton High School‘s third annual variety show, will return to the Little Theater on Friday, June 16 from 8-9:30 p.m.. The show, produced by the Little Theater Company, will feature a number of musical and comedic acts performed by WHS students. Formatted after late night programs such as Conan and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, current club president Finn Maloney will host the show, featuring interviews with each performer.

Maloney says that it will be a great showcase for the variety of talented students.

“The genre of music that dominates this year’s performance will be much different. In years past the theme of the music has been jazzier, whereas this year will definitely feature more rock-type performances. The part that gets me the most excited is the comedy. This year should be more of an even balance. We always have a couple of sketches and two or three standup performances. I think the interview portion, being a large part of the show, is an attempt at comedy as well,” he says.

Established two years ago by former students Harry Wendorf and Elliot Connors, the show provides a vital opportunity for Wilton High School’s “best and brightest” performers to showcase their contemporary talents in the arts, contrasting the more traditional, scripted format of the theater department’s annual fall and spring shows, such as the recent production of The Pajama Game.

“This and the [Freeplay] improvisation shows are the two performances that I get most excited for every year because they’re really about the students. It’s our choice–not just what goes into the show, but what’s presented. We work with Christian Planton on the sets and we get a lot of help from Marty Kozlowski, our producer. If you enjoy Freeplay, comedy or music, come down and check it out,” Maloney adds

Tickets will be on sale at the door for $10. All proceeds will support funding the theater program at Wilton High School, aiding in the cost of set pieces, costumes, lights, and sound in upcoming productions, such as Almost Maine, the fall show for 2017.

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