Midday on Thursday, August 18 offered a sight one doesn’t see frequently in Wilton—a low-flying helicopter hovered and moved around not far above the intersection of Danbury Rd. (Rt. 7) and Ridgefield Rd. (Rt. 33). On one side there seemed to be a person in the open doorway of the craft, taking pictures of the ground below.

Turns out it wasn’t a traffic copter or a political candidate looking for a good spot to touch down and campaign in Wilton Center. Rather it was a helicopter used by Eversource to check on electrical wires.

According to the media resource office at Eversource, the utility is conducting aerial inspections of high voltage electrical equipment on rights-of-way in Connecticut. “This inspection is an important part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing reliable electric service,” they say.

The work not only involves the use of low flying helicopters but also helicopters equipped with high-resolution cameras, which can detect potential equipment issues before they occur.

“Over a million customers in Connecticut depend on us every day for reliable electric service,” said Craig Hailstorm, regional electric operations president at Eversource. “These helicopter inspections of our transmission lines are a crucial part of our commitment to reducing the frequency and duration of power outages.”