Two weeks ago, GOOD Morning Wilton sat down for a LIVE Facebook interview with Wilton’s first selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice. Facebook followers got the early scoop on her assessment for the state of the town, 2020 budgeting–and whether she’ll run again.

We’ve got the whole interview first, and then it’s broken up into smaller sections, question by question.

In this snippet, Vanderslice reviews the goals she set for this year, as well as for when she ran for office, and talks about what she’s accomplished. It covers budget, infrastructure, and where we stand on several issues with the state.

Vanderslice talks about what residents will see in Wilton’s upcoming real estate revaluation:

What are Vanderslice’s goals for 2019? Budget 2020 is the big topic, including teacher pension pushdown, labor, and more…plus looking at affordable housing/8-30g issues and development on Route 7 projects (including new senior living projects).  Bonus topic–Wilton’s state legislators Gail Lavielle, Tom O’Dea and Will Haskell.

Finally, will Vanderslice run again in 2019?