Meet Zach Muraskin, who is currently an eighth grade student at Middlebrook School and the weatherman for The Middlebrook Times, the student-produced news website which launched earlier this year. He’s joining GOOD Morning Wilton as a contributor, providing a weekly weather forecast for Wilton every Monday. 

Zach Muraskin cropped

Zach has been a weather enthusiast since 2004 and created his own website, He has used a computer model weighting system still in progress and accurately forecasted several significant storms that impacted our area over the past five years, including Hurricane Irene and ‘Winter Storm Alfred’ in 2011, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and ‘Winter Storm Nemo’ in 2013. Zach is a member of the American Meteorological Society and enjoys reading follow-ups on significant storms. 

The Week at a Glance (March 21-27):  A winter weather event is expected to bring a few inches of snow to the area Monday, March 21, so there may be a delayed opening Monday morning. Otherwise, the week should be mostly quiet, as temperatures returning to back to normal along with a few early spring showers later in the week should make it seem more and more like late-March.

Monday, March 21:  Some snow in the morning will taper off by the midmorning hours and lead to sunnier skies later on in the day. Total snow accumulations of 1-3 in. are expected, with some greater amounts possible locally. Untreated roadways may become slippery overnight, meaning that a delayed opening remains a possibility in the morning. Temperatures are expected to reach the mid 40s by the afternoon before cooling off back to the upper 20s overnight, melting away most of whatever snow may have fallen earlier in the day.

Tuesday, March 22:  Clear skies with more temperatures in the upper 40s will remain dominant throughout the day before cooling off a bit overnight with some light rain possible.

Wednesday, March 23:  Finally, temperatures will once again reach back into the 60s, so maybe spring isn’t too far away anymore.

Thursday, March 24: Temperatures should come close to, if not hit, 60 degrees by the mid afternoon, allowing for the regrowth of some tree buds that froze over the previous nights and the return of more Canadian Geese.

Friday, March 25:  The high is expected to reach the lower 60s while some light to moderate rain moves up on overhead. Thunderstorms associated with the rain could bring some gusty winds, but no more trees are expected to fall as of now.

Saturday, March 26:  Temperatures are expected to dip back into the mid 50s while the remaining showers push through the area.

Sunday, March 27:  The potential for yet another significant Nor’easter Sunday into Monday exists, but it is not very likely as of now. Regardless of any storms, temperatures Sunday are expected to be above freezing and hover around the mid 50s.