There’s an inexplicable phenomenon cropping up across the nation–reports of random sightings of scary-looking clowns–believed mostly to be isolated hoax incidents that have been imitated and suddenly become a ‘thing’ that has spread around the United States.

While there haven’t been any confirmed sightings of creepy clowns in Wilton, there have been an uptick in rumors spreading through town and many discussions about the appearances, with children Wilton Schools talking about the scary characters. Capt. John Lynch of the Wilton Police Department released a statement Thursday afternoon, Oct. 6. on the “Creepy Clown Issue.”

“What might be considered a funny prank or a practical joke to some may be a terrifying experience to others. The Wilton Police Department is aware of the creepy clown phenomena and takes the situation seriously. Due to rumors, erroneous reports of sightings and social media posts, calls from concerned residents are on the rise.

“In actuality there have only been a few ‘actual’ incidents involving violence or attempted violence nationwide. To date, the Wilton Police Department has not received any ‘actual’ creepy clown sightings.  Patrol Officers are distinctly aware of the situation and are monitoring all public areas including the schools. The Wilton Police Department takes these incidents seriously and will investigate all reports or sightings and take the appropriate action.

“The Wilton Police Department is asking our public citizens to monitor, educate and discourage any associated activity. We ask that you contact the Wilton Police Department should there be an actual incident or threat. Anyone who creates a public disturbance will be charged with the appropriate offense which may include a court appearance and fine.”