Did you know that Wilton has a history with perfume, as home to Angelique (sometimes called the “Skunk Works”), one of Wilton’s most unique businesses? Founded in 1946, Angelique’s perfumes and soaps were sold in specialty shops and featured in publications such as Life magazine. The company also employed marketing stunts – in one instance using a blower to waft aromas across Wilton Center.  In 1962 the company was bought out by their competitor, Hazel Bishop. Angelique closed a year later. (The Wilton Historical Society‘s new exhibition, “Connecticut’s History, Wilton’s Story”  includes Angelique perfumes and soap.)

On Saturday, May 12, from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Wilton Historical Society, museum educator Lola Chen will introduce kids to the world of perfumes and powders. The workshop project is to create a fragrant, fizzing bath “bomb.”

According to the Perfume Society, “Perfume’s fascinating trail leads us from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece, to Rome – where rosewater played in fountains – and up to France, where Louis XIV’s court was known as ‘la cour parfumée, with the king demanding a different fragrance for every single day. ‘Modern’ perfumery, though, was born in the late 19th Century – with the creation of synthetic ingredients, and the dawn of great names like Coty, Guerlain, Roger & Gallet.  Along came Coco Chanel, and No. 5 – and ‘designer’ perfumes were firmly on the map.  And it was Estée Lauder, in America in the 1950s, who with Youth Dew started the trend for wearing perfume as an everyday pleasure, rather than a just-for-special-occasions luxury. (Actually, Mrs. Lauder’s blockbuster began as a bath oil – something women didn’t feel guilty about buying for themselves.)”

Children will help prepare a healthy snack.

The program is suggested for ages 6-12. The cost to attend for Wilton Historical Society members is $10 per child, maximum $25 per family; for on-members is $15 per child, maximum $35 per family. Please register by email or call 203.762.7257.

The Wilton Historical Society is located at 224 Danbury Rd..