With recent debate (and even petitions) regarding historic preservation of homes in Wilton (like 183 Ridgefield Rd.), the League of Women Voters has organized a discussion about historic preservation in town.

Are you curious about historic preservation in Wilton? How does the Wilton Historical Society protect our town’s heritage? What does adaptive use mean and how does it contribute to our town’s economic health? Should more be done to protect historic buildings—in fact, can more even be done?

The Wilton Historical Society will host the Thursday, Jan. 28 board meeting of the Wilton League of Women Voters and lead a discussion about the preservation of Wilton’s historical buildings. Historical Society director Leslie Nolan will describe the programs and collections of the society, its three campuses, and adaptive use structures. Her talk will allow time for questions about ways in which Wilton’s town boards and the community can implement proactive approaches to historic preservation.

Participants may brainstorm possible avenues of study and gather questions, and volunteers can sign up to be part of continuing study and investigation.

The presentation begins at 10 a.m. and refreshments will be served, followed by a LWV board meeting. The program is open to the public at no charge.

The Wilton Historical Society is located at 224 Danbury Rd..

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  1. I have said it before, if Wilton likes the Historic Homes, as long as the owners keep them up, they should get tax breaks. Look at the town website and check out how they value those buildings. Then check out the values on Realtor.Com, or Zillow!!

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