The Wilton Parks and Recreation Department has announced the ‘official’ last day for the season at Merwin Meadows was yesterday. Parks & Rec director Steve Pierce tells GOOD Morning Wilton that the last day lifeguards were officially on duty was Saturday, Aug. 27.

Parks and Recreation officials want Wilton residents and others who use Merwin Meadows to be alert that even though people may still use the park, there will no longer be lifeguards on duty watching swimmers. A notice appears on the Parks & Rec website, stating, “Please be advised, the last day Merwin Meadows Park will be staffed will be on Saturday, Aug. 27. After this date, the park will remain open however NO LIFEGUARDS WILL BE ON DUTY. Swimming will be at your own risk.”

Now that the summer season is drawing to a close, the lifeguards–many of whom are college students who are returning to schools or high school students preparing to start next week–are no longer available, according to Scott Kieras, assistant director of Parks & Rec. While people can still access the park and use the swimming pond and beach, it won’t be under the watchful eye of any staff.

Kieras adds that the bathrooms will be open on a limited scheduled, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. this week through Labor Day. There will also be an attendant checking passes during the Labor Day weekend, and the current Merwin Meadows pass policy will still be enforced.

Police will be driving through the parking periodically and if any issues occur, the Parks & Rec attendant will notify police if necessary.

Overall, Pierce says the first season implementing the new pass policy at Merwin Meadows was successful. Adjusting the fee schedule to allow residents free access to the park and moving all transactions to Comstock during Parks & Rec office hours seems to have worked out well for the department and the town.

“More residents than ever have obtained family passes for Merwin and we have had steady sales of day passes to both residents and nonresidents alike. Overall it was a successful summer,” he says.