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Make Two Lists This Year

Exercise class definitely stretches the body–but one particular class stretches the mind as well. Cindy Tamburri is a spin instructor at JoyRide. She often starts her sold out classes with riders who are warming up on the bikes, by trying to get the class mentally focused on getting the most out of the next hour with words and real life anecdotes which almost everyone relates to–about overcoming obstacles, motivating yourself or turning the other cheek.

Last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, she began class with a story about how she had started her morning with her own kids, asking them make their holiday wish lists:

“This year I asked them each to fill out two lists–a list with the five things they wanted most for Christmas, but first I asked them to make a list with the five things they already have that are most important to them, and that they couldn’t live without. I guarantee that first list of what they have will make the second list very different than it could have been if I just asked them to make a list of what they want. Taking the time to remind ourselves of the things we already have, can put into perspective the things we think we want. Who we are already, and what we have accomplished can show us that the things we thought were important–what other people have that we don’t, or what looks like happiness and success–really isn’t. It helps us recognize what really makes us happy, what strengths and attributes we already have within ourselves.”

That story definitely changed the way I looked at how I would push myself to work harder that morning–but I also carried it home and tried something new and more meaningful with my kids as we start the holidays, something I think so many of us can benefit from.

– A.R., Wilton