Welcome to Voter Central for Wilton’s 2019 Municipal Election!

Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 5, and we’ve got everything you need to know in order to make an informed vote–all the information about the candidates and where they stand, which seats are up for grabs, where to vote, when to vote, and more. About the only thing we don’t tell you is how to vote!

There’s a lot riding on these 2019 municipal races. Tomorrow, voters will choose Wilton’s chief elected official for the next four years, and top down that will set the tone for Wilton’s direction forward. With full slates from both major parties as well as two candidates who petitioned onto the ballot, the potential for major shifts in Wilton government is possible. And as we’ve seen in recent politics, anything can happen.

Today’s special voter guide has a lot of information to digest. Below you’ll find links to materials the candidates and campaigns prepared for GOOD Morning Wilton readers at our request, as well as links to videos from the Candidate Forums of the candidates answering questions on the issues you care about. You can also check out Letters to the Editor that we’ve received over the last several weeks about the races, as well as what the heads of the political parties and campaigns want you to know before stepping up to the polls.

Most importantly, we’ll get you on the right course to just get to the polls in the first place! Find out where your precinct is, how to cast a ballot today if you can’t be at the polls on Tuesday, and what to do if you’re not registered but still want to vote.

As always, thanks for reading and trusting GMW to bring you all the news you need to know!

Ready, Set, Vote!

The 411 on Voting in Wilton:  Where do I go to vote, am I eligible to vote, and everything else you need to cast a ballot.

Sample Ballot

Campaign Platforms*

Meet the Wilton Candidates*

Read the bios of all the candidates, here…

Candidate OP-EDs

First Selectman

Board of Selectmen

Board of Finance (Full 4-Year Term)

Board of Finance (to Fill Vacancy for 2-year Term)

Board of Education

Planning & Zoning Commission (Full 4-Year Term)

Planning & Zoning Commission (to Fill Vacancy for 2-year Term)

Candidate Interviews

Candidate Forum Videos

First Selectmen

Board of Selectmen

Board of Finance

Board of Education

Planning and Zoning Commission

Letters to the Editor

*Candidates and campaigns are listed as they are on the ballot:  party order is determined at the state level, based on which party currently holds the Governor’s office; candidate order is determined by lottery conducted by the Wilton registrars of voters.

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  1. Wilton needs to have an experienced, dedicated, hard working and committed First Selectman as we move forward through very challenging times for the state, our country and our town. Lynne Vanderslice is the clear choice.

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