To the Editor:

Miller-Driscoll students started the new school year in a building that is bright, cheerful, equipped with up-to-date infrastructure, modern fire safety and security systems and numerous other new features. On behalf of the Board of Selectmen, I would like to thank those who contributed to the project.

First and foremost, thank you to the Wilton taxpayers. Wilton parents and their children will appreciate your significant financial investment for many years to come.

Many individuals have been part of the renovation, but none more important than project manager Mike Douyard, the Turner team and Wilton facilities director Chris Burney who were on the ground throughout.

Thank you to current and past volunteer members of the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee: former co-chairs Bruce Hampson and Karen Birck, current vice chair Glenn Hemmerle, Steve DiNapoli, Dick Dubow, Keith Foresman John Guth, Gretchen Jeanes, John Kalamarides, Jim Meinhold, Jim Newton, Mandi Schmauch, Patti Temple, Ray Tobiassen, Rick Tomasetti and advisor Terrie Schwartz.  Thank you to superintendents Kevin Smith and Gary Richards, the Miller-Driscoll leadership team and staff. Thank you to Randall Luther and the TSKP staff. And finally, thank you to former first selectman Bill Brennan and the members of the past Boards of Selectmen and Education.

Lynne Vanderslice
First Selectman