To the Editor:

The by-laws of the Democratic Town Committee provide that its nominating committee, of which I am the acting chair, shall advertise, fully, for persons wishing to be considered for appointed or elected office. Under current procedures adopted by the Board of Selectmen, members of the Democratic party must apply for appointed positions in town government through our committee, members of the Republican party must apply for appointed positions through the Republican Town Committee, and unaffiliated voters may apply through either party or by direct petition to the Board of Selectmen. Our committee welcomes inquiries and expressions of interest from unaffiliated voters.

At this time we are particularly interested in hearing from any Wilton resident who is a Democrat and is interested in serving on the Board of Finance to replace Mr. Richard Creeth who has determined that he must resign from that board. Town counsel has opined that the individual replacing Mr. Creeth must be a Democrat.

There are other boards and commissions where vacancies exist. Should you be interested in serving on any such board or committee, please contact me. In regards to these other openings, a full list of which can be found on the town website, we will be interested in hearing from any Wilton resident.

I can be reached at 203.762.9000 or via email.

Wilton’s greatest strength is in its volunteers. Please consider serving your town.

Paul Burnham
Acting Chairman
Democratic Nominating Committee