Since opening just a few months ago, the owners of Wilton Fit Body Boot Camp (WFBBC), located at 5 River Rd. in Wilton, have made it part of their business to show love to their new community, and they’ve found a way for clients to help the business give back to Wilton non-profits.

With WFBBC Check-Ins on Facebook for Charity Program, each time a client checks-in on his or her Facebook page and posts about being at Wilton Fit Body Boot Camp, owners, Brunetta and Dylan Cathers make a $0.50 donation per check-in to the charity of the month.

Every month, the Cathers randomly select one local organization that their members are involved with that’s making changes, fostering growth, impacting lives, beautifying landscape, maintaining history, advocating for senior citizens, protecting pets, championing for children, or simply having a positive effect. This charitable endeavor may be the only place where the Fit Body Boot Camp gets competitive–trying to raise more money each month compared to the prior month.

For the month of July, the Cathers selected Friends of Ambler Farm, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Wilton whose mission is to celebrate the community’s agrarian roots through active learning programs, sustainable agriculture, responsible land stewardship, and historic preservation. WFBBC raised $165 via the hashtag #CheckInForCharity for Ambler Farm and the Cathers stopped by the farm to present their donation.

Past recipients of the WFBBC generosity include Wilton’s Animals in Distress and Filling in the Blanks; the next organization WFBBC will benefit is Wilton Library through proceeds from a membership program.

Pictured (above) in the photo are Robin Clune (left), executive director of Ambler Farm; Doris Tenesaca (center), Wilton Fit Body Boot Camp coach; and Brunetta Cathers (right), owner of Fit Body Boot Camp, in front of the Red Barn at Ambler Farm on 257 Hurlbutt St. in Wilton.