Wilton registrars of voters released unofficial vote tallies in yesterday’s primary election. More Democrats (1,054 or 29.97%) turned out to the primary polls than did Republicans (951 or 23.39%). Wilton Democrats also overwhelmingly voted for Ned Lamont, the party’s new nominee to run for governor; Wilton Republicans, however, supported David Stemerman, someone other than Bob Stefanowski, the candidate who ultimately won his party’s nod–in a surprise over the GOP-endorsed Mark Boughton.

Here are details on how Wilton voters voted yesterday:

Democratic Primary


Ned Lamont 980 (statewide winner)
Joe Ganim 74

Lieutenant Governor

Susan Bysiewicz 752 (statewide winner)
Eva Bermudez Zimmerman 274


Shawn Wooden 538
Dita Bhargava 455

Attorney General

William Tong 734
Paul R. Doyle 74
Chris Mattei 200

Judge of Probate

Doug Stern 789
Darnell D. Crosland 183

Republican Primary


Mark Boughton 229
Timothy M. Herbst 108
Steve Obsitnik 153
Bob Stefanowski 225 (statewide winner)
David Stemerman 240

Lieutenant Governor

Joe Markley 427
Jayme Stevenson 283
Erin E. Stewart 187

United States Senator

Matthew Corey 648
Dominic Rapini 207


Thad Gray 611
Art Linares 252


Kurt Miller 548
Mark Greenberg 317

Attorney General

Sue Hatfield 665
John Shaban 210

The story has been updated with more precise information about voter turnout percentages and candidate names.