If you love the warm weather, then you’re going to love the temperatures you can expect for much of this week (Oct. 17-23) in Wilton.

Monday, Oct. 17:  The new week will begin beautifully on Monday, featuring periods of sun and clouds, although a shower can’t be ruled out behind the cold front that passed through Sunday night. In terms of temperatures, highs are expected to reach the mid to upper 70s, which would be more than ten degrees above average.

Tuesday, Oct. 18:  It will get even warmer from there on Tuesday with a summer-like high temperature of 80 degrees under lots of sunshine. I also want to add that the mornings will be much warmer than the past couple weeks, so instead of waking up to temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s, it will be in the low 60’s from Monday through Wednesday morning. Therefore, you may only need a light jacket, if anything!


Wednesday, Oct. 19:  The heat is likely to peak on Wednesday–I’m forecasting a high temperature of 81 degrees, which will both tie the record high for the day, and also tie the record latest 80 degree-plus day in Fairfield County. That warmth will be accompanied by mostly sunny skies, so I recommend shorts and t-shirts.


Thursday, Oct. 20:  For the rest of the week, the weather will begin to transition. It’s still uncertain whether that transition will occur on Thursday or Friday, but either way, once that transition happens, cooler and wetter weather will make a big comeback. The likeliest scenario for Thursday, as of now, however, is another dry day with sun and clouds, but cooler temperatures and at least the slight chance for a shower is expected.

Friday, Oct. 21:  I am positive that Friday will be a cool, raw day with mostly cloudy skies along with a few possible showers in the Wilton area. If you have any activities on Friday, you may want to push it back to the weekend or earlier this week, because there is a decent chance for some rain.


Saturday, Oct. 22:  This unsettled weather is forecast to clear Wilton just in time for the weekend, but temperatures will definitely be a wakeup call because highs will only be in the upper 50s. On Saturday, it will be chilly under sunny-to-partly cloudy skies.

Sunday, Oct. 23:  Then on Sunday, there will be a mix of sun and clouds with the slight chance for a shower as some remnant moisture moves through the Northeast from Canada.

Jackson Dill is a Wilton High School junior who started the website, Jackson’s Weather. His 7-day forecast will appear each Monday on GOOD Morning Wilton. Visit Jackson’s Weather to find out any changes in the forecast. You can also follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @JacksonsWeather for around-the-clock updates.