When Wilton wants info, access and the resources to find out what’s happening and who makes it happen in town, people turn to GOOD Morning Wilton. We’re Wilton’s fastest-growing, most trusted source of local news and info. GMW is the news readers want, when and where they want it — daily and online.

Wilton looks to GMW to stay in the know.

In the almost 10 years since it launched, GOOD Morning Wilton has made a significant difference in the community. People tell us they’re more knowledgeable and engaged in local government issues, more involved in community events, and more connected to Wilton businesses and neighbors–in large part because of GMW.

More recently, the local media landscape has changed and far fewer news outlets regularly cover Wilton news. GOOD Morning Wilton is the only independent, locally-owned news source left in Wilton — any others have either stopped publishing or were acquired by larger corporate media companies that no longer invest in consistently covering Wilton. As those other outlets have increasingly become irrelevant to Wilton residents, GMW has become an even more vital part of the community.

What’s on GOOD Morning Wilton?

GMW is a daily news website for Wilton that highlights the GOOD parts of our community — new businesses, longtime businesses that haven’t gotten as much exposure, profiles of good people to know in Wilton, and things that happen and make news around town and in our schools. We cover events people will want to take part in, organizations they’ll want to volunteer with, and who’s making it all happen in Wilton.

GOOD Morning Wilton is the kind of news residents want to read, with the kind of information they need to know. News that’s reported, written and told by writers who live here and who care a great deal about your town — about our town.

Just as crucial, what you won’t find on GOOD Morning Wilton:

There’s no police blotter. Nor will anyone have to slog through news that doesn’t involve Wilton or the people who live here. Most importantly, it’s a news source about the community that respects what the word community means. It won’t be the place for anyone to cut down our neighbors, and it’s not a place for mean-spirited comments or commentary. It’s just not part of what makes Wilton, Wilton, and it’s not going to be part of the standards to which we hold readers and ourselves.

Wilton, CT is a great place to live. Young families, rich history, beautiful landscapes. There is so much that is GOOD here.

The town deserves a really GOOD source of news.

GOOD Morning Wilton is the news you want and the news you need.

[Updated Jan. 3, 2023]

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