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Heather Borden Hervé
Founder & Editor

Heather has made Wilton her home since 2007, becoming involved in the community as a parent, advocate, volunteer, observer and commentator. She has volunteered for Ambler Farm, the Wilton Public Schools, the Wilton Library and the Wilton Family Y, and she currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Wilton Education Foundation.

For three years, Heather wrote for Wilton Patch. She created a widely read opinion column, From the Driver’s Seat, and reported on daily events in Wilton, from business, education and politics to human interest and lifestyle. Her columns drew attention to Wilton residents in need, issues faced by locally owned businesses, and the ongoing centrality of Wilton Schools in day-to-day town life.

    “I hope I achieved what I set out to do–to get people talking. I wanted to open up discussions about topics that affected our town but that sometimes weren’t always “safe” to put out there. I talked about personal things hoping that we could get past the social stigmas to find more universal, common experiences—or simply see that it was possible to be vulnerable and still move forward. It was refreshing and validating to hear so many people say, ‘I feel the same way!’ or ‘That happened to me too!’
    “I wanted people to pay more attention—not to me, but rather to what was happening to and in town. I hoped by sharing more it would encourage people to be more open to discussion of the issues, to more understanding of the many different people within town borders, and for more connection—connection to friends, to neighbors and to their kids.
    “Most gratifying of all was when the column helped us as a community come even closer together, to help one another out. Whether it was helping people register for the bone marrow donor registry; raising support for families in need and children fighting cancer; or getting people the help they needed after Hurricane Sandy; I wanted the column to be about doing good, and I think it delivered on that promise.”
“So Long…For Now,” From the Driver’s Seat,  Wilton Patch

During her Wilton Patch tenure, she was asked to extend her opinion writing across more than 40 regional Patch.com sites when her second column, PatchIn, was syndicated across CT and NY.

Heather also has written about Wilton for Wilton Magazine and covered parenting news for Brain, Child magazine.

No stranger to media before moving to Wilton, Heather worked for “Entertainment Tonight,” TV Guide and Self, and was a long- and short-form TV/news/video producer in Chicago.  Sandwiched in between media gigs, Heather started a children’s knitwear accessories business, la Folie.

She has still been able to keep up with her interests in media, national and local politics, and pop culture, all the while being an active parent to two children–Maden, a Wilton High School junior, and Poppy, who’s in 7th grade at Middlebrook. She and her husband, Mikael, try to visit his family in France on occasion, and both enjoy spending some time in the summer down the Jersey shore.

Kristin Johnson
Writer/Associate Editor

Kristin and her family relocated to Wilton from southern California in 2008. With over 20 years experience in public relations and corporate communications, Kristin works to raise the visibility of, and increase awareness around a diverse range of clients that includes Fortune 500 influencers, high-profile start-ups, and privately owned and operated companies.

Writing about Wilton for GOOD Morning Wilton gives Kristin a much-appreciated opportunity to get to know the fascinating individuals, and often heroes, of our local community.

She also writes for Zeel, Rocket Matter, and Sacred Heart University.

Kristin has volunteered for Ambler Farm, the Norwalk River Valley Trail, the Wilton Library, and the Wilton Public Schools. She lives in town with her husband, three children, three goldfish, and one dog.

Grace Bracken
WHS Senior Intern

Grace has lived in Wilton with her parents and twin sister for 14 years. A graduating senior at Wilton High School, Grace played on the girls ice hockey team and served as president of the Women’s Activism Club. She works at “B” Chic in Wilton Center, where she enjoys supporting a small, woman-owned business. While volunteering for Will Haskell‘s State Senate campaign she developed a passion for elections and voting. She hopes to use her writing to encourage people to get involved in politics.

She began her experience in journalism at age 9 when she borrowed her father’s laptop on Saturday mornings to type and print too many copies of The Gracie Gazette, a self-titled newspaper intended to inform the family of the trivial happenings of the weekend. She is excited to intern for GOOD Morning Wilton, where she will pick up journalism again without having to use up the ink in the family printer. 

Her passion for political activism led her to fall in love with Washington, DC, where she will study political communication at The George Washington University this fall.

Lily Kepner
WHS Senior Intern

Lily has lived in Wilton since 2006, alongside her parents, three younger siblings, three cats, and three dogs. Lily has always loved stories. Growing up, she was notorious for using up all the printer paper to make homemade blank “booklets” to hold all the colorful stories she could imagine. As she has grown older, Lily has embraced her passion for writing in her extracurricular activities. She has written actively for the Wilton High School newspaper, The Forum, throughout high school, and has had six ‘Warrior Words’ columns published in the Wilton Bulletin during her senior year.

On the weekends, you can find Lily working at Local Soul, where she has happily helped countless Wiltonians find the perfect locally made good. She is also active at St. Matthews Episcopal Church as a Sunday School kindergarten teacher. Lily also has served as president of National Honor Society and as the co-president of the Junior Board for Wilton Pony Club. One of her favorite activities has been volunteering at Wilton Children’s Theater as an intern, where she has assisted at rehearsals for the fall and winter plays and backstage. In her free time, she enjoys being outside reading, walking her dogs, hiking, and being with friends.

Lily plans to call Boston University her next home in fall of 2019, where she will likely study journalism at the College of Communications. She is thrilled to gain more experience writing at GOOD Morning Wilton this spring.

Reed O’Brien
WHS Senior Intern

Reed moved to Wilton from New York in the summer of 2015. During his time at Wilton High School, he has been a part of the cross-country and track teams and worked as a member of Habitat for Humanity. His passions include photography, sports, and film.

The reason he wanted to join GOOD Morning Wilton was to take a look at how stories and news get around and how it can be written in compelling and interesting ways. As someone who looks at subjects and topics in a critical and open-minded way, Reed is interested in exploring the stories that Wilton has to offer, and what he can tell the people of Wilton about. After graduating from WHS, Reed will be attending American University in the fall of 2019, where he will study communications and journalism. He lives with his mother, father, and two loving dogs.




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