Wilton is a small town with a lot of news sources. How is GOOD Morning Wilton different?

We’re not your usual gotta-cover-every-story, let’s-run-every-announcement kind of news outlet, and we’re definitely not the place to look for tabloid stories or gossip. In fact, you won’t find a police blotter running down the list of burglaries and DUIs in Wilton anywhere on GMW.

What you will find are profiles of people and businesses in town, stories about changes in the schools, what’s happening with the issues people care about, and who is doing what of note. Sometimes we’ll have in-depth interviews with public figures, town officials and other notables; other times we’ll profile a teen who has set up a charity. It all depends on what’s happening in Wilton.

Just because there’s no police blotter, that doesn’t mean we won’t report on what’s happening out of the Wilton Police Department. An unusual crime or a rash of burglaries deserves a story, or perhaps we’ll cover the topic of teen drinking and drug use in Wilton. But GOOD Morning Wilton isn’t the place to look for your neighbors’ names when they messed up.

So will you cover everything that happens in town?

As best as we can, GOOD Morning Wilton will cover what happens in Wilton. Sometimes we may link out to other websites when they’ve covered a story in a great way, but we’re going to do our best to let you know what you want and need to know around town. It helps that we live here too. We want to know the same things you do.

What if I have a good story for you?

We love a good story, and we especially love a GOOD story! Please submit all stories and news tips through the Submit a Story link at the top of every page.

Does GOOD Morning Wilton have an editorial slant?

GOOD question! We like GOOD things and people here, and if there’s any preferential treatment or emphasis given to anything, it’s for that. We will always celebrate people doing good things for other people, especially Wilton residents on the giving or receiving side.

As a hyperlocal news website, readers have come to know that GOOD Morning Wilton reports on Wilton businesses, non-profits, events, people, etc. With limited resources and time as a small news organization, we limit our coverage primarily to Wilton-specific news. And as media has changed, the need has grown for a news source devoted to Wilton-focused subjects.

There are SO many amazing organizations and stories outside of Wilton — even those that include Wilton in their wider service area — that if we covered one, we’d have to open it to all, which would be impossible. Even when items are submitted, it still takes resources to publish them, and we just are unable to do so all the time.

Our litmus test is simple: How is this story specific to Wilton? If the answer to that is direct and clear, then we’ll consider covering it in the pages of GMW.

As for opinion and editorializing, our founding editor, Heather Borden Herve first ventured into Wilton media as an editorial writer, so many of her opinions are already on the record, as is this self-description, written before she started GMW:

“I hit 40 a couple of years ago and came to realize that I am who I am, and it’s just not going to change. If I’m not going to embrace it then who will? And how will my kids learn to believe in their own convictions if I’m not willing to stake my own? I’m a Wilton mom, wife and voter. I like pop culture and pop politics. I cry sad tears when I read stories about bullying and hopeful ones for those who proclaim, ‘It gets better.’  I’m not a fan of guns, and I like my politics pretty blue.”  

But Heather’s also an professional with over 30 years of experience in media. She’s been covering Wilton news objectively for more than a decade and understands the difference between opinion writing and reporting. She’s very attuned to where that dividing line is, and you’ll always be able to read the difference. If you think something doesn’t pass the smell test, please get in touch, we’re always open to discussing it.

What’s the deal with “GOOD”?

Philosophically, this website was founded to focus on what’s good about Wilton, and it hews to the core values our founding editor follows. This stance is something we follow not just editorially but through action too. Along those lines, it’s important to give back to the community that GOOD Morning Wilton calls its home.

How can I make sure to get my GMW news every day?

To stay on top of what’s happening in Wilton, sign up for the GOOD Morning Wilton daily newsletter and breaking news alerts in the “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” section in the sidebar on every page or via the Subscribe link.

You can also follow GMW on Facebook and Twitter, where we will also post about things happening around town.

Are you paid to write stories by the people you’re writing about?

The bulk of the news stories are covered as straight, reported news. GMW will always disclose when a story or event is sponsored and by whom. However, sponsors and advertisers do not dictate any other content, and do not have approval over anything that is printed as news coverage.

Can I submit a story or article? How do I get a Letter to the Editor published?

We are always open to story ideas, tips and suggestions, be they from readers, public relations professionals and firms, public officials, or anyone else. Aside from writing and photo credits, we do not offer compensation for submissions. Anything not written by GOOD Morning Wilton staff will be identified as such, and the editors reserve the right to disclose any relationship between the author and subject matter, where appropriate.

Articles will not be printed without undergoing editorial review, according to GMW editorial guidelines. Please contact the editor at editor@goodmorningwilton.com for further discussion.

We do welcome letters to the editor, which must be signed (names will be verified, and anonymous letters will not be accepted) in order to be published. Letters may be edited for brevity, grammar and clarity; they may also be rejected based on conduct guidelines as explained elsewhere on this site (see “Terms of Use“).

And make sure to read our points above about making sure the story or letter directly relates to Wilton.

Can I reprint an article or post it on my own website?

Content on GOOD Morning Wilton is copyright protected — that includes photographs as well as written articles and information. If you would like to use any of the content, please contact us, using our “Contact Us” link at the top of every page.

How can I advertise on GOOD Morning Wilton?

Advertising on GOOD Morning Wilton is a great way to reach a vibrant, connected, active audience primed to receive your message. It’s a great way to target the Wilton audience. Our rates are some of the most affordable in the market, and we’d love to discuss advertising opportunities on the GMW site. Check out our online media kit or send us an email at advertise@goodmorningwilton.com to learn more.

Can I say anything I want in the comments?

It’s a good idea to read our “Terms of Use” because while we don’t censor, GOOD Morning Wilton works hard to make the community a place where all ideas are welcome — but the way you conduct yourself in the conversation is just as important. We no longer publish anonymous comments or comments from anyone who does not provide a verifiable first name, last name and email. You can find the policies and guidelines here or by clicking on “Terms of Use” at the top and bottom of every page.

[Updated May 1, 2022]

[Updated Jan. 3, 2023]

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