In Town Tuesdays at Trackside

Trackside Teen Center 15 Station Road, Wilton, CT, United States

A new offering at Trackside Teen Center! Teens meet at Trackside each Tuesday and walk to town with staff and/or a high school leader for an enriching business experience. The goal is to expose teens to a wide range of local businesses and career opportunities. Students will meet the founder, hear about their career trajectory, […]


Exhibit: The Laurent Clerc Papers of Wilton

Wilton Library

Please drop in at Wilton Library between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to view the Wilton Laurent Clerc Papers exhibit which was featured recently at the Wilton Historical Society (WHS). You'll also be able to meet and interact with Wilton High School ASL (American Sign Language) students and learn about the Laurent Clerc Stamp Project. […]


Lecture and Presentation: The Laurent Clerc Papers of Wilton

Wilton Library

After viewing the Laurent Clerc Papers exhibit at Wilton Library, please join us for a presentation which introduces Laurent Clerc the "Apostle of the Deaf in The New World" and his connection to Early Deaf Education. Laurent Clerc Holt and Wilton Historical Society Director Nick Foster will outline the roots of Deaf and American Sign […]