Reading Rocks! raised $34,257 this year for the Wilton Education Foundation, adding to the more than  $400,000 the program has brought in since its inception 10 years ago.

This year, Reading Rocks! transitioned to 100% virtual programming, a big transition but ultimately a successful one, organizers said.

Reading Rocks! kicked off with Dress Like a Rockstar Day at Miller-Driscoll and Cider Mill Schools on Feb. 5. Participation spanned students at all Wilton Public Schools, including a special performance by the Middlebrook Rockestra as well as video submissions from other middle and high-schoolers who have participated in Reading Rocks! over the years.

Highlights also included special readings on World Read Aloud Day, Feb. 3, in collaboration with WEF’s Community Read Aloud Day program. Students at Cider Mill and Miller Driscoll were delighted to be graced with Wilton celebrities. Wilton’s own Kristine Lilly read The Word Collector by Peter Reynolds to Cider Mill students, and Wilton Fire Chief Jim Blanchfield read Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall. When asked about his thoughts on Reading Rocks! Fire Chief Blanchfield said, “You have no idea what a staunch supporter I am of reading, and developing a love of reading early.”

WEF officials noted they are grateful for the continued support and sponsorship from the Stroup Family.

Now for the winners! The House and Grade with the highest participation and, therefore winning special prizes, were Belden Hill (CM) and 2nd Grade (M-D).

The winners of the Kindle Fires by Grade/House and class are:

  • PreK: Maggie Hoffman (DiNoto’s class)
  • Kindergarten: Reagan Griffiths (Giaimo’s class)
  • 1st Grade: Cameron Manberg (Casl’s class)
  • 2nd Grade:  Reed Campbell (Rabau’s class)
  • Belden Hill: Avery Smith (4th Grade – Sakamoto’s class)
  • Cannondale: Persephone Frutos (3rd Grade – Spera’s class)
  • Kent: Siobhan Reilly (4th Grade – Gillespie’s class)
  • Nod Hill: Brady Manberg (3rd Grade – Lovelace’s class)
  • Grand Prize: Miller Albert (Kent, 5th Grade – Romero’s class)

In response to his accomplishment, Grand prize iPad winner Miller said, “I am so grateful to have been chosen the grand prize winner – thank you WEF! Being in 5th grade, this is my last year I can participate and I’ve enjoyed Reading Rocks every year.”

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