The GMW Year in Review.

It’s been an incredible year for GOOD Morning Wilton and Wilton alike. In this, the middle of our third year of publishing, we’ve hit some personal highs and witnessed some major Wilton stories.

It’s an opportunity to say, ‘Thank you!’ to you, the Wilton readers and advertisers for supporting us and helping GMW grow. It may be a little wonky to tell you some of our numbers and stats, but in 2015 we hit our 1 millionth page view. In the world of online local news websites, that’s a biggie. It actually happened back in August, just before our second anniversary, but truth be told, we were actually so wrapped up in bringing you our unique brand of only-in-Wilton news to stop and celebrate it publicly.

GMW actually averages more than 3,000 page views every day (we average over 2,000 unique views a day also). Again, it’s pretty technical, but for a town with around 6,000 households, we’re pretty psyched about those numbers.

We think the numbers reflect the kind of growing engagement residents have in Wilton news and what’s happening in town. It’s been a really busy, active year, for all of Wilton. We had a municipal election that registered good voter turnout and a change in town government. We’ve had a renewed interest in economic development. Wilton has seen new businesses start and other businesses close. There have been changes in our school district and major building construction projects, and we’ve seen the rise of a citizens’ group critical of how town officials are working in town. There have been legal actions brought against the town, as well as more beneficial social movements undertaken by individuals trying to make positive impact.

Hopefully the way GOOD Morning Wilton covers news has helped get people more involved with what’s happening and more engaged with one another. There are certainly many places you can find out what’s happening in town (and they each come with their own GOOD and not-so-GOOD accompaniments). The goal is not only that GMW can provide an antidote to any negativity out there, but that it also adds something beneficial to the overall way we all want Wilton to move forward.

GOOD Morning Wilton is a labor of love. The content and story ideas that people send in and the many people who help contribute from time to time are very much appreciated. Covering news in Wilton is a personal passion and, as quite possibly the only reporter who covers news in Wilton and lives here, I do it with a vested interest of trying to help make Wilton stronger, better, and more connected.

It’s also all consuming. There’s always something going on, a meeting to report on, another interesting person or business to profile. It’s hard work, but I love what I do and hope that is having the kind of effect people tell me it does—that they’re seeing the GOOD in more places, that they’re getting more involved, that they’re excited to read the news GMW covers every morning.

The news won’t stop over the next two weeks, but anticipating the new year and looking forward to the promise of more stories every day, we’re looking forward to a little time off to refuel and re-energize. will still be online, but we’ll be on break until Jan. 4, 2016. Until then, we leave you with a list of our Top 25 stories from 2015 and wishes for a healthy, peaceful and Happy New Year!


Heather Borden Herve

Our Top 25 stories reflect just some of the major events this past year:

WHS Drug Search From the Student’s Bloodshot Eyes
Tully Knight Admits Responsibility in Nick Parisot Death
Records Unsealed from Nick Parisot Investigation Reveal Startling Details
Cielo Owners Bring Sky High Hopes for Wilton’s Restaurant Scene
Parents Bring Complaints About High School Athletics to Bd. of Education
Transgender in Wilton:  The GMW Interview
Bread Maker’s Popularity Rises as Wilton Discovers His Delicious Breads
Peachwave Owner:  I Have to Close Unless Someone Will Buy the Store
New Food Truck Lets Wilton Deli Take the Show on the Road
Where Are WHS Graduates Headed
Truck Hits Power Line, Catches Fire and Shuts Rt. 7, Paralyzing Wilton Traffic [VIDEO]
Live Blogging Sensible Wilton Hearing
Wilton Woman Arrested, Charged with Stealing SAT Booklet
A Note from the Editor:  Reviewing This Week’s WHS Drug Story
Wilton Mourns the Loss of Chris Gallo, 43
Opinion:  I’m Proud of My School
WHS Senior Joe Sylvia’s Homecoming Victory/Homecoming Photos
Wilton Family Sues Town for Sexual Abuse by School Aide von Kohorn
McFadden Calls Foul on Sensible Wilton and Refuses Their Request
Wilton’s Need-to-Know Back-to-School Dates
Wilton Youth Football Moms:  The Field We Have Now Isn’t Safe [LETTER]
Opening Molly’s Deli is 14-Year Dream for New Business Owner with Wilton History
GMW Interview:  Dave Clune—I Want to Run for Selectman Because I Love this Town
Let Them Eat Cake!  Wilton Woman Savors Sweet Success with a Custom Cake Business
Lowthert Family Files Lawsuit Against Board of Education, Schools, Town and Officials