Each year, Wilton High School recognizes students for their achievement in theater, music, and art at the Fine and Performing Arts (FAPA) Awards ceremony. Typically held in the Little Theater, this year the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the event online. That didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and recognition for the standout student artists.

In addition to recognition from teachers, several awards were bestowed by town organizations including Wilton Children’s Theatre, Weir Farm, The Greens at Cannondale and the WHS PTSA.

Each year, one student is awarded the prestigious Fine and Performing Arts Award Scholarship, for demonstrating exemplary dedication, leadership and passion for the arts for all four years. It’s sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters and the Theater Arts Association (TAA). In order to win the sought-after FAPA Award, the student must be involved with at least three separate arts departments at WHS. The 2020 Fine and Performing Arts Award was presented to Eleanor Winrow.

The numerous other award winners are listed below:

Music Awards

Teacher presenters:  Nick Loafman, Kevin Cotellese, Malcolm Karlan, Angelica Jara, and Troy Williams

* Music scholarship awards are generously sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters


Senior Recognition:  Khrystyna Barska, Nicole Beecher, Emily Bostwick, Lara Burke, Kiri Clancy, Ashleigh Coltman, James Curto, Dalton DiCamillo, Tyler Everitt, William Gioffre, Francesca Goncalves, Alexandra Harris, Christian Harris, Robert Hickey, Jeffrey Huang, Larry Huang, Erik Lebek, Victoria Matuk, Trisha Mhatre, Jack Nanez, Caitlin Nichols, Harris Patnaik, Aaron Robertson, Sara Schneidman, Sean Soltis, Moses Trujillo, Steven Tuin, and Zara Wiest

Western Region: Connie Gao, Christian Harris, Isadore Palacpac, and Moses Trujillo

Outstanding Wind Ensemble Members:  Khrystyna Barska, Nicole Beecher, Ashleigh Coltman, Dalton DiCamillo, William Gioffre, Alexandra Harris, Jeffrey Huang, Larry Huang, Trisha Mhatre, and Moses Trujillo

Outstanding Jazz Ensemble Members:  Emily Bostwick, Francesca Goncalves, Aaron Robertson, Moses Trujillo, and Zara Wiest

PTSA Book Award for Band:  Sara Schneidman

John Rhodes Scholarship, sponsored by the Ambler Trust:  Lara Burke and James Curto

Director’s Award for Band*:  Christian Harris

Louis Armstrong National Jazz Award*:  Harris Patnaik

John Philip Sousa National Band Award*:  Jack Nanez


Western Region:  Brycen Addison, Sarah Bates, Anna Clark, Matthew Farago, Edwin Gregory, Matthew Huang, Jubair Huq, Nicholas Lin, Fiona O’Halloran, Thomas Petrillo, Christopher Tovar, and Adarsh Varghese

After successfully participating in the Region Choir, the following students successfully auditioned for the CMEA All-State Choir:  Brycen Addison, Edwin Gregory, Matthew Huang, Jubair Huq, Nicholas Lin, Fiona O’Halloran, and Adarsh Varghese

Student participation in the All-National Choir:  Nicholas Lin

Outstanding Concert Choir Members:  Ella Deluca and Dimitry Ulysses Squitieri

Outstanding Men’s Choir Members:  Evan Charney and Matthew Kurtz

Outstanding Chamber Singers Members:  Gabrielle Nisco and Anna Thornton

Outstanding Madrigal Members:  Christopher Tovar and Eleanor Winrow

Senior Recognition:  Elana Alber, Tyler Blain, Katherine Buse, Evan Charney, Anna Clark, Kirsten Finnecy, Brett Gilman, Jubair Huq, Ella Kelso, Alexander Koutsoukos, Matthew Kurtz, Nicholas Lin, Rachel Nadel,  Gabrielle Nisco, Teresa Nobles, Devin Moran, Jack Parrotta, Madeline Pennino, Ciaran Smith, Cole Stefan, Anna Thornton, Evan Timnev, Christopher Tovar, Nadia Voravolya, and Eleanor Winrow.

PTSA Book Award:  Rachel Nadel

Director’s Award for Chorus:  Jubair Huq

National School Choral Awards:  Nicholas Lin and Anna Clark*

Wilton Singers Scholarships, sponsored by the Wilton Singers:  Teresa Nobles and Evan Timnev


Senior Recognition:  Emma Babashak, Sarah Belcher, Ashleigh Coltman, Jimmy Curto, Thomas Czick, Emma Famous, Michael Gordon, Jubair Huq, Navod Jayawardhane, Alex Saxon, and Johnny Shiller

Outstanding Orchestra Members:  Jimmy Curto and Jubair Huq

Western Region and All-State Orchestra – Matthew Huang, Jeeshan Huq, Gayathri Kaimal, Lukas Koutsoukos, Johnny Shiller, Anjo Therattil, Nathan Wang, Joshua Zheng

PTSA Book Award for Orchestra:  Thomas Czick and Navod Jayawardhane

Director’s Award for Orchestra*:  Emma Famous

National School Orchestra Award*:  Johnny Shiller

Art Awards

Teacher presenters:  Sue Brandt, Susan LaBarbera, Susana Estes, Michelle Currier, and Megan Kounnas

AP Students Portfolios:  Maud Seymour, Megan McNamara, Isabel Cronin, Anthony Andre, Theo Laflamme, Kathleen Quinlan, and Michelle Prario

Golden Mask Awards:  Anika Bhagaratula and Luke Schwartz

Scholastic Art Award Winners:  Davis Cote, Megan McNamara, Daniella Coltman, Griffin Turner, Isabel Cronin, Colton Hall, Isabelle Piazza, Isabel Gouveia, Zoey Araqual, and Hailey Smith

The Greens and Meadows Holiday Card Award:  Madison Lawton

Stamford Art Association Award:  Davis Cote

Ambler Trust Scholarship in Honor of Rusty Hurd:  Meg McNamara and Maud Seymour

Robert Lassen Award:  Anthony Andre

Open Art Golden Paint Brush Award:  Amira Srivastava and Caroline Yoon

Echelon Awards:  Madison Tomas and Taylor LaMantia

Friends of Weir Farm Award:  Theo Laflamme

Charles A. Dana Award:  Kathleen Quinlan

PTSA Book Awards

Ceramics:  Griffin Morris

Photography:  Lilly Sciarretta

Sculpture:  Jack Santomero

Painting:  Niamh Mc Carthy

Drawing:  Kate Quilan

Computer Graphics:  Alex Stepnowski

PTA Reflections Awards


  1. Mihika Shukla
  2. Adeline Teolis
  3. Rohom Vaddiraju
  4. Samantha Dorne
  5. Calvin Nichols

Visual Arts

  1. Michael Jankowski
  2. Anika Bhagaratula
  3. Brandon Charles

Theater Awards

Teacher presenters:  Kathryn Luckstone, Meredith Walker, Kevin Slater, Heather Delude, and Christian Planton

PTSA Book Award:  Peyton Matik and Christina Henesy

Wilton Children’s Theater Awards:  Katie Buse, Doug Beach, and Charlie Bennett

Wilton Playshop Director’s Award:  Christopher Tovar

Theater Arts Association (TAA) Awards:  Devin Moran and Olivia Vitarelli

The Yes, And… Award:  Jake Vitarelli and Hunter Driscoll

Batting Average Improv Award:  Lily Casiraghi

Little Theater Company Scholarship:  Eleanor Winrow

2020 Rookie of the Year:  Evan Charney

The Golden Curtain Award:  Sasha Sypher

The Producer’s Award:  Jack Parrotta

FAPA Award

FAPA Award, jointly sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters and the Theater Arts Association (TAA):  Eleanor Winrow