2022 Wilton High School Graduation Speaker: Co-Valedictorian Annie Caldwell

Graduation 2022 Co-Valedictorian Annie Caldwell (photo: GMW/Lori Buchanan)

WHS Assistant Principal Greg Therriault:  “Students, families, distinguished guests, I am deeply honored and privileged to have this opportunity to introduce the co-valedictorians for the class of 2022. These two students have earned the distinction through their dedication to excellence in the classroom and co-curricular activities, and both students embody our commitment to creating a better world.

“Our first co-valedictorian has achieved a 4.0 GPA throughout all four years at Wilton High School while engaged in a rigorous academic program. Teachers and counselors speak of the student’s diligence and work ethic, her confidence and her ability to collaborate as well as her intellectual curiosity and consistent positive attitude. Among her academic accomplishments are membership in the National Spanish Honor Society and achievement of the prestigious Certificate of Biliteracy. This scholar has also been a member of our Wilton High School varsity tennis team for all four years, serving as co-captain for this past season.

“This student gives back to the community through her leadership in co-curricular activities. She was selected as a leader in our Link Crew freshman transition program. This role allowed her to mentor incoming freshmen and help them adjust to the high school. She’s also engaged in numerous community service opportunities, serving as a member of our Key Club, as the Habitat for Humanity secretary and as a member of the Wilton High School Green Team. In addition, she volunteers as a tennis counselor for Norwalk and Stanford Grassroots Tennis, and Education.

“This fall, she plans to continue her education at Union College. It is my pleasure to introduce Annie Caldwell.”

Caldwell:  “Good afternoon, Class of 2022, and the amazing family members, friends, teachers, administrators, and staff who’ve helped us reach this moment. My name is Annie Caldwell. I’m honored to be one of this year’s valedictorians and to have the opportunity to congratulate the Class of 2022 and thank everyone here around us.

“I think I can speak for the entire class when I say that our experience at Wilton High School has been extraordinary and also an unpredictable ride. Our first year started off pretty normal complete with homecoming, midterms and a lot of cringeworthy freshman moments that we probably don’t wanna relive. There also wasn’t a pandemic, so that’s a huge plus. Our sophomore year, however, came to an abrupt end and signified the start of many changes that continued through our junior year and in even into our senior year.

“But a pandemic didn’t stop us. Despite the numerous challenges we faced… my friends and teammates may have heard me say this short quote by Walt Disney a thousand times, but I’m going to say it for you all today: ‘Keep moving forward.’ Every mistake we make or challenge we face is a new opportunity for growth. If we see it that way, our past four years at Wilton High School have taught us that perseverance and determination will help us succeed and see beyond any obstacles. There will always be light at the end of each tunnel and like graduating today, there will be limitless successes ahead for us as long as we keep moving forward. Thank you, and congratulations.”


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