The week of Feb. 26-March 3 in Wilton Real Estate showed promise as six properties changed hands. According to information provided weekly by the town clerk’s office, those land transfers included (address and sale price):

  • 38 Blueberry Hill Pl., sold by Bankwell Bank to Cross Street Holding, LLC for $335,000.
  • 43 St. Johns Rd., sold by Darrel and Judy Herbst to Felix and Rosemarie Costa for $620,000.
43 St. JOhns Rd.
  • 3 Thistle Ln., sold by George Roberts, Craig Roberts and Leslie Petersen to Cyril Joseph and Ashley Kniffin for $575,000.
3 thistle ln.
  • 107 Glen Side (13 Glen River Condominium), sold by Katie Parker to Sheng Zhan for $330,000.
  • 321 Olmstead Hill Rd., sold by Michael and Lynda Galella to Laurence and Merlien Tucker for $720,000.
321 olmstead hill
  • 231 Cannon Rd., sold by Stephanie and Carlos Mercado to Dogan and Laura Perese for $2,289,000 (see main article image).