There were 13 land transfers in Wilton last week, according to data distributed to press by the town clerk’s office. Those properties were (including names, addresses, sale amounts and photos):

  • Kyle and Emily O’Connor sold 242 Mountain Rd. to Timothy Moylan and Nicole Cipriani for $760,000.
242 Mountain Rd. 8-22-15
  • Thomas and Laurie Jones sold 22 Laurel Ln. to Jonathan and Dana Quick for $989,625.
22 Laurel Ln. 8-22-15
  • Sean Lenahan sold 65 Village Walk to Jana Matturro for $230,000.
65 village walk 8-22-15
  • Donna Benenson sold her portion (via quit claim) of 221 Cannon Rd. to Alexander and Frederick Benenson for $450,000. (photo not available)
  • Jonathan and Kelly Reeve sold 259 Sturges Ridge Rd. to Nina DePeugh for $1,517,500 (see article main image).
  • Jeffrey and Alice Hockhdorf sold 20 Chestnut Hill Rd. to Randi Tomasulo for $1,099,566.
20 chestnut hill rd. 8-22-15
  • Greenwich Builders sold 319 Mountain Rd. to Justin and Allison Zamparelli for $1,370,000.
319 mountain rd. 8-22-15
  • Christopher and Erin Palmer sold 4 Wilton Hunt to Jeffry and Linda Golterman for $805,000.
4 wilton hunt, 8-22-15
  • Martin Howard sold 52 Old Highway to Jeffrey Bendremer and Danielle Wozniak for $730,000.
52 Old Highway, 8-22-15
  • Marina and Preston Stuart sold 91 Glen Side to Albert Nickel for $187,500.
91 glen side 8-22-15
  • Donald and Eileen Whelley sold 134 Cedar Rd. to Jessica and Kelley Hauser for $1,324,000.
134 cedar rd. 8-22-15
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp sold 43 Village Walk to Insource East Properties Inc. for $190,050.
43 village walk 8-22-15
  • Mary Lou Logan (estate) sold a parcel on Nod Hill Rd. to Mark and Linda Rubinstein for $3,500. (photo not available)

This article has been updated to add a transaction after clarification from the town clerk’s office.