Five out of the 10 properties that changed hands last week had closing prices above $1 million, including 111 Branch Brook Rd., which was sold for $3 million. According to information distributed weekly by the town clerk’s office to Wilton media, the properties that were sold were (including address, sale price and photo):

  • Maureen Clyne sold 31 Teapot Hill Rd. to Sandeep Ghuman and Kamalbir Deol for $639,000.
31 teapot hill rd.
  • Roland Wolff sold 20 Telva Rd. to Kent and Ann Nevins for $834,000.
20 Telva Rd.
  • Lee Brown sold 54 Wilridge Rd. to 54 Wilridge Rd. LLC for $250,000.
54 wilridge rd.
  • Sean and Karin George sold 35 Branch Brook Rd. to Lisa and Stephen Fahey for $1,265,000.
35 branch brook rd.
  • Ann Chu sold 29 Heritage Ct. to Sudhir and Pallavi Nambiar for $870,000.
29 heritage ct.
  • Madeline Pace sold 16 Fawn Ridge Ln. to Nicole and Nancy Laskowski for $375,000.
16 fawn ridge lane
  • Kenneth Benvenuto sold 129 Skunk Ln. to Debbie and Dean Francique for $1,545,000.
129 skunk ln.
  • John and Patricia Hartner sold 111 Branch Brook Rd. to 111 Branch Brook Rd. LLC for $3,000,000.
111 branch brook
  • Jill and John Laurinaitis, and Jill Sheldon, sold 104 Belden Hill Rd. to Tarun Bhambhani and Sakshi Sethi for $1,100,000.
104 belden hill rd.
  • Anthony Wells and Leslie Wang sold 144 Signal Hill Rd. to Mark and Kara Smith for $1,885,000.
144 Signal Hill Rd.