The Wilton Y Wahoos have been contributing to the fight against breast cancer through a month-long fundraiser, holding a variety of events to raise money and spread awareness for the cause. After holding a bake sale during the 12-and-under YMCA-hosted swim meet, selling specialized pink caps and creating t-shirts, the team will conclude the major fundraising effort with Wahoo swimmer Hirsh Iyer, as he cuts the hair he’s been growing since last year with the goal to donate it.

Since October 2016, 9-year-old Hirsh, who swims on the Wilton Y Wahoos’ Gold Squad, has been growing out his hair  with the goal of donating it to make wigs to support breast cancer patients.

“I grew my hair for Coach Matt [Hall], since he lost his Mom to breast cancer,” says Hirsh, adding that he hopes his donation will motivate other kids to grow out their hair and donate it too. The team is making it an event to inspire the wider community by scheduling Hirsh’s hair cut in the Wilton Family YMCA lobby this Friday, Nov. 10, at 6 p.m. and inviting people to be there.

The rest of the team has worked hard at raising awareness and money throughout the month. One of the other efforts to raise funds has been through the sale of pink swimming and t-shirts; they’ll have remaining caps and t-shirts available for purchase at the YMCA Thanksgiving Invitation Meet Nov. 17-19. They hope that anyone who has previously purchased caps and shirts will wear them during the meet to “paint the pool pink!”

The overall fundraising efforts have been led by Hall along withWahoo swimmers Leila Hastings and Katie Stevenson.

Head coach of the Wahoos Randy Erlenbach shares his pride at what the team has accomplished out of the pool on behalf of breast cancer fundraising.

“I am proud that our team is so involved in this important cause. Empowering young people is an important part of our team’s philosophy. Thank you Liela, Katie, and Matt for all that you did for this meaningful event.”