The parking lots and roads around Wilton High School at arrival and dismissal times can get pretty congested. Buses, cars lined up in and along the roadways, younger inexperienced drivers, and pedestrians that don’t always stick to sidewalks or crosswalks. Sometimes it’s the setting where an accident can easily happen.

Thursday afternoon, March 16, an accident did occur on Kristine Lilly Way, the road that runs parallel to Route 7 from School Rd. behind the the tennis courts to the high school. A WHS student was hit by a car driven by another student.

According to police and school officials, a juvenile student was crossing Kristine Lilly Way, entering from the southbound side of the road and was subsequently struck by a car traveling northbound and driven by another student. The 18-year-old driver was issued an infraction for failure to yield to a pedestrian. The pedestrian was transported to Norwalk Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and has since been released.

Superintendent Kevin Smith provided some additional details. “A bus driver witnessed the accident and called the police immediately. Police and Fire Departments responded immediately. [WHS Associate Principal] Brian Keating was also on site,” he said, adding, “The student was not seriously hurt, fortunately.”

The accident provided an opportunity for both Smith and Wilton Police to remind everyone about the need for being very alert in all driving situations, but especially ones involving congested parking lots and active pedestrian areas.

“Last year was one the deadliest in the State of Connecticut in terms of pedestrian safety,” Wilton Police Deputy Chief Rob Cipolla told GOOD Morning Wilton. “During the month of January we engaged in strategic enforcement in our Town Center after hearing community concerns about pedestrian safety.  As a result of Thursday’s incident we will certainly allocate resources to the area of Kristine Lilly Way to ensure the safety of all on our roadways.”

Smith had his own words of caution for everyone. “It’s a densely populated lot and very busy at arrival and dismissal so all drivers need to move cautiously and pay careful attention to their surroundings. Pedestrians also need to be mindful of traffic. I have no idea if cell phones played a role today, but a helpful reminder nonetheless that students ought to be vigilant when entering and leaving.”

Cipolla provided a resource from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with safety reminders for both drivers and pedestrians. 

Credit: Wilton Police Department / NHTSA

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  1. Perhaps some students should consider discontinuing driving a car to school to be environmentally conscientious: reduce auto emissions, reduce fuel consumption (whether it is gasoline, diesel or battery life), reduce road traffic at critical times of day and, instead take the provided school bus to/from school. It appears too many students needlessly (or is it selfishly) drive a car to school.

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