All Aboard? MTA Says Trains to be ‘Back to Normal’ Monday Morning

Wondering if your Monday morning commute will be back to normal?

The MTA has announced that Metro-North’s regular New Haven Line service would resume Monday morning, Oct. 7. According to information posted on the MTA website, it will resume “following successful initial testing of a new. electrical substation at Mount Vernon.”

The MTA also posted that the MTA Board had approved a credit toward future purchases for New Haven Line customers with monthly and weekly tickets valid for travel between Sept. 25, 2013 and the restoration of full service. They wrote that the were compensating customers “for the significant disruption caused by a Con Edison power outage to an 8-mile stretch in the heart of the line. The length and magnitude of the impact of this non-weather related event makes this disruption unique in MTA and Metro-North’s history.”

The details of the credit vary according to the ticket type and purchase price for each fare zone. In addition, credit will be prorated, based on the ultimate duration of the service interruption. MTA noted the following:

  • Customers holding Weekly Tickets valid during this time period can begin applying for this credit on October 9th.
  • Customers with Monthly Tickets for September and October can begin applying for this credit on October 20th when November monthly tickets go on sale. Monthly customers who hold both a September and October ticket are urged to apply for this credit for both tickets at the same time. For New Haven Line customers who submit both tickets for credit towards their November ticket purchase, Metro-North will honor New Haven Line November monthly tickets for travel beginning October 20th.
  • Mail&Ride Customers will have this credit automatically applied to their December ticket. WebTicket Customers should visit a ticket window in order to receive this credit.
  • Any customer with a monthly or weekly ticket for transportation during this period must surrender their ticket in order to receive this credit.
  • Customers can choose to apply for this credit at any time between the dates listed above and March 31, 2014.
  • There will be no processing fee charged for these credit transactions.
  • In anticipation of the potential for congestion at ticket windows, Metro-North will open more ticket windows with extended hours at select outlying New Haven Line stations and in Grand Central Terminal. There will also be special temporary locations/windows set up at Stamford Station and in Grand Central to handle credit processing. (See details below.)

For more information and updates, MTA is encouraging customers to check their website or contact 877.690.5114 for further assistance.