Weir Preserve of the Weir Farm Art Center will host its annual Halloween Owl Prowl on Friday evening, Oct. 13, from 7:30-9 p.m.. “Owlers” will gather at Weir Farm National Historic Site for a presentation by Frank Gallo on owls that live in this area, followed by a hike into the neighboring Weir Preserve where Gallo will attempt to call in screech owls, barred owls and great horned owls.

As an expert birder and veteran of bird walks in Weir Preserve, he has had much success with past Owl Prowl events. In earlier prowls, all three local owl species have responded to Gallo’s calls and on numerous occasions, participants have spotted owls. Using slides and props, he begins the evening with a review of the unique characteristics of these birds–talons, feathering, hearing and vision–that make owls such effective raptors of the night. He will also discuss some of the mythology that has evolved around owls.

Following his presentation, the group will proceed to nearby fields and listen closely as Gallo calls into the woodlands. It is recommended that participants dress for the outdoors and bring a flashlight.

Weir Farm National Historic Site is located at 735 Nod Hill Rd.. All parking for the event will be on-site. Please approach the park slowly and watch for Park Rangers in reflective vests who will instruct participants to the parking area for the event.

Weir Preserve is a 110-acre conservation area assembled by Wilton residents beginning in 1967. It was owned by The Nature Conservancy Connecticut Chapter until transfer to Weir Farm Art Center in 2005. The Center is a private support organization of Weir Farm National Historic Site, the only national park dedicated to American painting. The Weir Preserve and Weir Farm National Historic Site are named for J. Alden Weir, a leading American Impressionist painter at the turn of the last century. Weir and his family spent summers at the farm which he acquired in 1882. Weir Preserve was initiated with a land donation by Cora Weir Burlingham, daughter of the artist.