Another wet week ahead (April 3-9) is in store for Wilton. Multiple rounds of storms are on the way, but at least temperatures will be pretty close to average, which is the mid 50’s.

Monday, April 3: T he new week will be off to a very nice start this Monday, unlike last week when we had a rainy day. Temperatures will be mild with a high around 60 degrees under filtered sunshine, so there will be a milky white appearance to the sky instead of the deep blue skies, but it will still be bright out.

Tuesday, April 4:  Our first storm this week will take place on Tuesday. We are going to be socked in with the rain all day long. The heaviest of the rain will be in the morning, then it will decrease in intensity in the afternoon and evening before it completely shuts off after 8p.m.. The morning commute will be a mess!

Wednesday, April 5:  A brief break from the wet weather is what you can expect for our Wednesday. Wednesday will be a gorgeous, spring day, featuring lots of sunshine and high temperatures about ten degrees above average into the low 6’s. Since the start of March, it’s been rare to have a day with above average temperatures, so be sure to enjoy it!

Thursday, April 6:  You’re also going to want to enjoy the weather Wednesday because our second storm system begins to move in starting Thursday. I think Thursday will be the worst day of the week because there are indications for a moderate to heavy rain during the entire day, and there’s even the chance for a few rumbles of thunder. It’s also going to be a windswept rain with winds increasing throughout the day up to 40-50 mph.

Friday, April 7:  Clouds will try to break up as drier air works into the backside of Thursday’s storm system on Friday, but there’s still the chance for a few light rain showers. Otherwise temperatures will be pretty seasonable and comfortable. By the time all is said and done, I anticipate three to four inches of rainfall from Tuesday through Friday. This is excellent news for the ongoing drought. Wilton remains in a moderate drought, which is been affecting us since June 2016.

Saturday, April 8:  The upcoming weekend should be pretty nice. On Saturday, I think it will be dry with periods of sun and clouds in the forecast. There is still the slight chance for a rain shower, however, because of how slow the late-week storm system will be clearing the Northeast.

Sunday, April 9:  I’m not worried about any chance for rain on our Sunday. Sunday will be a beautiful day to head outside and enjoy because it should be sunny with high temperatures close to the pretty comfortable 60 degree mark.