Ashley Scavotto is a Wilton resident and photographer who attended Tuesday evening’s Walk for Peace and to End Racism. The images she captured during the event are stunning, and although we published several other more journalistic photos yesterday, we asked Scavotto if she would share the portfolio of pictures with GOOD Morning Wilton‘s readers. (all photos courtesy of Ashley Scavotto of Ashley Caroline Photography)

“I always strive to tell a story with my photographs through organic and raw imagery,” Scavotto told us. “I aim to capture the scene and spirit around me providing a viewer the feeling as if they were there, while searching for the small, authentic moments happening in between,” Scavotto says.

She believes that black and white photography “stands the test of time and evokes emotion that color often cannot.”

There’s also the element of emotional connection that Scavotto captures, with a particular emphasis on motherhood. “As a family and motherhood photographer, I was immediately drawn to the mothers holding their children extra tight. The intensity of a mother’s eyes matching her child’s eyes reflecting anger, sadness and a newfound wisdom beyond his or her young years, faces half-covered by a mask,” she says.

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