In advance of their annual process putting together a budget for the next school year, the Wilton Board of Education is inviting members of the community to provide input on the school district’s budget. They have announced a Community Conversation about the Education Budget, to be held on Monday, Dec. 1 from 7-8:30 p.m..

The session will be held at Middlebrook School (131 School Rd.) in the school’s Media Center.

Members of the community will have the opportunity to meet in small groups with Board of Education members and administrators to share their thoughts and ideas about current budget priorities and recommendations for moving forward. According to a press release issued by the district, “The evening will be an opportunity for Wilton residents to become engaged at the very beginning of the budget process, and help shape what will eventually be a $75 million-plus allocation of Wilton tax dollars.”

Bruce Likly, chairman of the BoE, is hopeful that all residents will take the opportunity to get involved early, and says the move is indicative of the district’s willingness to have more of the community engaged and represented in the process, as early as possible–preferably now, rather than at the Town Meeting in May for the first time.

“The Board sees this as a collaborative way to get all Wilton citizens involved in the development of the school budget. We’ve heard at previous Town Meetings that people wished that one thing or another was done with the school budget, but by the time budgets get to the Town Meeting they are fully developed and difficult to adjust without pain. We want people involved and participating from the beginning so we can listen to their insights and adapt as appropriate. People who take the time to come on Dec. 1 should feel heard and not be surprised come May,” Likly said.

To attend, residents are asked to RSVP to district secretary Molly Rollison via email.