photo credit:  Peggy Garbus Photography

The Ladies’ Soirée has been an annual tradition for the Wilton Library for nearly twenty years. My first time was in 2013, just a couple months after moving to Wilton. If I say I knew five people in the room, I’m being generous. Everyone was chatting, hugging and giggling like seniors at their last, first day of high school. No joke, I definitely felt like the new girl.

For two hours, I skirted around the edges of the crowd, gripping my wine like the glass of courage it was, and took my time looking at all the auction prizes and placing my bids. I listened as ladies caught up on their summers, exchanged info on their kids’ new teachers, and cooed over each other’s outfits. But as I headed home (with a fabulous auction prize, by the way), I knew I’d met a few other ladies who I hoped would become friends. Success!

Last year I walked into the Soiree thinking, Wow! What a difference a year makes! I saw so many familiar faces that I (almost) didn’t notice when my glass was empty. Just like the year before, I walked away with another prize, met a few new faces too⎯and was even asked to Bianco Rosso afterwards, the Ladies’ Soirée version of an after-party. And as I had the year before, I walked away knowing I’d made a few new friends.

Now here we are in 2015, and I am co-chairing the Ladies’ Soirée Committee! How crazy is that?!? Yes, the Soirée, tomorrow night, Oct. 1, will once again involve lots of fun prizes, but as always, it’s truly about having a fun night with girlfriends and making a few new ones.

For the first time ever, the Ladies’ Soirée has sold out in advance of the event itself. Maybe this year especially, Wilton ladies need a night out together. Not just meeting up with a smattering of girlfriends for a cozy dinner or mani/pedis, but over 200 of us under one roof, all chatting and giggling and catching up… and in this case benefitting at truly great Wilton institution–our Library.

The feeling of camaraderie in Wilton is like no other town I’ve ever known. Sure, sometimes there are off moments, and it’s not like everyone has to be best friends with everyone, that’s natural. And occasionally there’s even a kerfuffle on Facebook, with a post on a Wilton community page that ruffles a few feathers.

Sitting behind a laptop makes it easier to sling a shot or misinterpret someone else’s post. I’d bet face-to-face interactions make for better neighbors, and new friendships. Events like the Ladies’ Soirée undoubtedly lead to better understanding, fewer peanut-gallery post pile-ups, and a lot more fun. (And if we make that funny little squeal women sometimes do when we haven’t seen each other in a while, it’s really just an ice-breaker as we try to decide how many raffle tickets we need to win a personal reading from Anna Raimondi or JetBlue tickets to escape our lovely Wilton winters.)

So Ladies,I’m looking forward to closing my computer for a night, and meeting up with so many of you at the Ladies’ Soirée! Rather than sitting solitary at home, let’s benefit our fabulous Wilton Library by outbidding each other for exciting prizes like a Dress Up & Dance party at Fleur de Lis, a golf outing at Rolling Hills Country Club, tons of luxurious spa treats, ZOOM teeth whitening at Max Dental, an American Girl tea party, artwork, in-home holiday gift wrapping, a “Cocktails around the Campfire” Couples Party, and so much more!!!

And please make sure to introduce yourself to me. I’m always looking to make a new friend or two!

UPDATE:  Event organizers say that the event is completely sold out and no tickets will be available at the door. They wish to thank everyone for the enthusiastic response to the event.