Wilton-based Blue Buffalo just renewed their support for pet cancer research and treatment initiatives, by collaborating with Petco and making $2.35 million in grants to research efforts. The donations were made through the companies’ philanthropic arms, the Petco Foundation and the Blue Buffalo Foundation.

Blue Buffalo, located in Wilton, CT, was established in 2003 by Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. a manufacturer of natural dog and cat foods under the BLUE brand names. Finding a cure for pet cancer is one of the top priorities for Blue Buffalo because its founders have had very personal experience with this disease.

Coinciding with the launch of the 7th annual Pet Cancer Awareness Month, this latest slate of grant funding brings the total amount invested to $9 million since the two foundations began raising support for their pet cancer initiative in 2010.

David Petrie, president of the Blue Buffalo Foundation, said these grant funds will be allocated to several different recipients working in universities, research centers and foundations across the country, with the mission of eliminating pet cancer and lessening the impact the disease has on families. By investing in what he called “top veterinary schools and leading animal welfare organizations,” the eventual goal is the eradication of pet cancer all together.

“With cancer being the number one disease-related cause of pet death, this is an issue which truly hits home for a number of pet families,” said Susanne Kogut, executive director of the Petco Foundation.

Additionally, through the establishment of a “Petco Foundation & Blue Buffalo Foundation Cancer Treatment Support Fund,” each of the veterinary and research universities involved with the foundation will be able to provide subsidized support for cancer treatments for pets whose owners would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of treatment. This will help universalize the treatment of pet cancers, making treatment options an obtainable option for families concerned with how pet cancer treatment measures affect their bottom line.