Blue Star Bazaar has relocated and is re-opening today in its new location at 237 Danbury Rd., across from Town Hall on Rt. 7. After almost two years in a small building with limited visibility at Lambert Corners, Blue Star’s owner Megan Abrahamsen says she’s very excited about the move for several reasons.

“First and foremost, it has better visibility; it’s closer to the road and you can see me from the road. The second is space⎯I was bursting at the seams. The old store was 270 sq. ft., including the bathroom. This store is almost 700 sq. ft. so it’s much bigger,” she says, smiling.

One thing that comes with her new location is larger signage, something that makes the outspoken small-business advocate happy. “I’ll have a large sign on the front of the building, and my landlord seems amenable to submitting an application to Planning & Zoning for an alternative sign package for road-side signage,” Abrahamsen says.

She’s also excited just by being in a new neighborhood, next door to Naked Greens, Reiki and Rose Nails. “I really liked my neighbors there, but having restaurants near me will help drive traffic.”

Consider Abrahamsen a multi-tasker, one who had to cram the move into essentially two weeks with a busy personal life as a Wilton mom of two young boys with her husband, Mark.

“I closed the old store on Aug. 1, went out of town, hosted relatives who came to town for a few days. Fortunately a friend’s teenaged son and his friend helped shuttle things over here to the new place. It’s been about two weeks to get moved in and set up. Even though it’s a much bigger space, figuring out where to fit everything and how to put it, then a lot of new arrivals came in–all the fun, glamorous stuff of retail,” Abrahamsen laughs, as she tidies and arranges the items in the store.

So what will she do with the additional space?

“Apparel was really growing as a category, there was a lot of demand and that’s where a lot of repeat customers were. In the old space, I didn’t have a proper fitting room, so if someone wanted to try something on they had to change in the ladies room. Here I have fitting rooms.”

The new store has given her the opportunity to expand the variety of clothes and accessories, and to display things for customers to see them better.

Check out the videos below, where Megan shares her fall trend pieces.

“I have tons of tops that go with jeans and black pants that people will have. And it’s age-appropriate, like, ‘I’m going out to dinner tonight and I need something nicer than just a solid t-shirt. I want something bright and funky, but I’m also not 18 years old; I want something that looks appropriate for School Open House, a clambake, a teacher conference,'” she says, adding that for women’s apparel she tries to keep prices below $150, with a wide variety that cost under $50.

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Abrahamsen has also beefed up her lines of children’s clothing to reflect what Wilton customers need, something she says she understands because she’s a Wilton resident as well. She’s seen what Wilton residents have expressed on social media about prices of kids clothing finding nothing affordable in town.

“There really is no where else in town to buy clothing for kids that are toddlers through age 10. GAP closed, Petit Chou Chou has gone more towards tween and a lot of places have baby gifts. But for true apparel there’s no one else. The big new line I’m bringing in is Tea Collection. They actually have an assortment of things for under $30:  some dresses retail for $30 or less, and they have boys’ tops that sell for $28,” Abrahamsen says, adding her upper limit on prices for kids items is $55..

She also tries to look for items that are made in the U.S. whenever possible, and more unique items. She stocks many items that make good birthday party gifts.

“I find that $15-$30 is the sweet spot for kids’ birthday party gifts, so I have a lot in that range. I don’t bring in anything that has plugs or batteries, so I try to have things that inspire the imagination a bit more. I’ve expanded the kids’ books section because that’s another thing–there’s no bookstore in Wilton, and I think books make a great gift,” Abrahamsen says.

She’s thrilled to be able to welcome people to the new location, especially for tax-free week and back-to-school shopping. Later in September she’ll have some grand opening events, with free ice cream and activities for families during the day and then an evening social for adults to see the new space and enjoy cocktails, wine and cheese.

Above all, she’s happy to continue to be a part of the Wilton business landscape.

“I’m extremely appreciative of the customers I’ve had and their loyalty. I take it to heart how people use things and what they need things for, and love being involved in the whole shopping and decision-making process with the customers. I know people think of shoppers mostly as women, but I also love when men come in, putting time and thought into what they’re picking out for their wives. Or if they bring their kids in, it’s so interesting to see what children pick out for their mom and how excited they get about it.

I really love seeing pictures of people’s children and nieces and nephews wearing clothing they got as presents from Blue Star Bazaar.

Blue Star Bazaar is located at 237 Danbury Rd.. The store is open Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and after Labor Day Sunday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. also. 

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