Wilton taxpayers have just shy of two weeks to use a survey letting town officials know how they would like their taxes spent.

Created by the Board of Finance to optimize communication with town residents, Wilton officials have made the survey available for residents to provide input on which town services and improvements are spending priorities. According to the survey introduction, answers and opinions are intended to “inform and shape decisions that our elected town leaders will make…” and enable the Board of Finance to “comprehend better how well the Town is doing in serving its residents.”

But the BOF taxpayer survey will be closing on Sunday, Nov. 25. Anyone who has not yet taken the survey can take it at the Wilton Taxpayer Survey website until that date.

Town participation has been satisfactory, but officials want to reach as many Wilton residents as possible, according to Richard Creeth, the chair of the survey subcommittee.

“We are pleased with the level of participation so far. We have received more than 1,200 responses. However, more than 20% of Wiltonians are over 65 and only 12% of our survey respondents are in that age group, so although we welcome responses from all taxpayers, we would particularly like to hear from more seniors.”

The survey (which is anonymous – all the reporting will be at an aggregate level) should take no more than 10 minutes.

GOOD Morning Wilton had a chance to talk with Creeth about the survey and why it’s so important for residents to complete.