Only a few short week since the search for a new joint Town/School District CFO was started, the Town of Wilton has found its ideal candidate.

First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice announced at the Monday evening, Feb. 7 Board of Selectmen meeting that the search committee had identified Dawn Norton, who oversees finance and business for the Ridgefield School District, as their choice.

Vanderslice asked the BOS members to approve appointing Norton as Wilton’s CFO, which they did unanimously.

Vanderslice enthusiastically endorsed Norton as the perfect person for the job.

“We were absolutely thrilled when we received this resume. I circulated it and everybody was very, very excited. We couldn’t have asked for a better background. This person brings to the table more than we expected, someone would bring to the table,” Vanderslice said, calling Norton’s references “stellar, outstanding references.”

According to Vanderslice, Norton has both municipal experience and school experience as well as experience of working in the private sector.

Her current title with the Ridgefield Public Schools is district business manager, which Vanderslice said is equivalent to a CFO or finance director role. Before that, Norton served as the Director of Finance/CFO for the town of New Canaan, and began her municipal finance career as the comptroller and later interim finance director for the city of Bridgeport.

Norton will start in the role on March 14.

One reply on “BOS Approves New CFO for Town and School”

  1. Congratulations to Ms. Norton – welcome to Wilton and best of luck in your new position!

    As for the issue of a Town Administrator the BOS needs to carefully review/define the overall skills required to fulfill the duties/responsibilities of this new position. My opinion is that if the BOS finds a person with the right skills, experience and abilities then there should no longer be a need for a First Selectman position.

    I believe the BOS needs to decide which is more important – keeping a person in a position who has advised that the position has become too complex and difficult to handle or move in the direction of a professional Town Administrator. I don’t believe it will be in the Town’s best interest to keep two people in such similar roles which will most likely more than double the current budget for the position.

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