The Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to the Town’s Elderly and Disabled Tax Relief Ordinance, at tonight’s BOS meeting (Monday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m.).

Changes were proposed during the Sept. 23 meeting of the Board of Selectmen by Wilton’s tax assessor Sarah Scacco. She reviewed of the current ordinance and suggested changes that she said would “ensure that all eligible residents receive the benefits to which they are entitled and approved funding for those benefits is appropriately utilized,” according to a press release from Town Hall.

Although a more comprehensive review of the ordinance will take place later in the year, Scacco presented three proposed changes, which she recommended for immediate consideration. They are:

  1. Add new language in Section 26A-4, to create an appeal process for applicants who miss the application filing deadline (e.g. because of hospitalization during the deadline). Appeals would be made to the BOS requesting an extension to file and demonstrating “good cause” as to why such extension is necessary.
  2. Add language in Section 26A-6D to create a minimum tax credit of $250.
  3. Add language in Section 26A-10.2 to allow the BOS at their discretion to make adjustments to such tax relief for any excess and unused budgeted funds up until Dec. 1 of the fiscal year.

The public notice and the current ordinance with the proposed changes, marked in red, are available on the Town website.

Comments and questions will be heard at the public hearing or can be emailed to the board of selectmen.