EXCLUSIVE: Himes on Trump Video: “Desperate…He’s Feeling Real Fear” PLUS: RTC/DTC Statements on Capitol Siege

DTC & RTC Statements on Wednesday's Capitol Siege, and Himes Calls for Removing Trump

BREAKING NEWS:  Congressman Jim Himes has given GOOD Morning Wilton a statement on the video President Trump released Thursday night, a video that seemed to contradict everything the president has said in the past:

“Donald Trump shouldn’t be President for even two more minutes. Last night’s scripted speech was an obviously desperate attempt for the President to walk back his incitement of the seditious riots of January 6. It’s clear he is feeling a real fear of removal from office by either his own cabinet or a second impeachment along with possible criminal liability.”

ORIGINAL STORY:  Fallout continues locally after Wednesday’s violent mob of hundreds broke through barriers and took over the Capitol building while Congress and the Vice President of the United States tried to fulfill their Constitutional duties of the Electoral Vote Count inside. During the despicable incident, at least five people–including a Capitol Police Officer–were killed.

Since then outcry about President Trump’s role in inciting his supporters to riot has echoed worldwide, including increasing calls for removing him from office by invoking the 25th Amendment and resignations of Cabinet members and other administration officials.

Among those calling for removing Trump from office is Wilton’s congressman, Rep. Jim Himes (D), who posted his statement on Thursday afternoon on Facebook:

Himes provided gripping moment-by-moment commentary from inside the Capitol as events unfolded Wednesday.

Friday Morning, the Congressman also released a statement about the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, who was reportedly killed by one of the rioters inside the building during the melée:

“It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick. My thoughts today are with his grieving family, community, and fellow officers.

“Every day, the men and women of Capitol Police put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect our democratic institutions and the members and staff who work in the Capitol. Jan. 6 was another example of this bravery. The loss of officer Sicknick reminds us all that the risks of this noble service are all too real. We must honor his memory by continuing to defend the ideals he protected.”

Himes has announced plans to hold a Facebook Live Friday afternoon to answer questions about the week’s events:

Statements from Local Political Parties

Also Thursday, both of Wilton’s local political parties released statements about Wednesday’s events.

Wilton’s Republican Town Committee issued the following statement from Chris Lineberger, the RTC chair, on Thursday:

“The Wilton Republican Town Committee unequivocally condemns the actions of those who violated the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. We firmly believe in the right of all Americans to peacefully protest what they see as injustice, but political violence can never be justified. It is abhorrent to the democratic values and traditions that have made the United States the world’s most enduring republic. The results of the Presidential election are final, and it is time for both parties to move forward and govern the country in a dignified way on behalf of all of the people.”

GOOD Morning Wilton posed several follow-up questions, including:

  • whether Lineberger had any additional comment about the President’s actions, both Wednesday and in the days/weeks leading up to the rally of his supporters on the morning of Jan. 6–specifically comments Trump made at the rally urging the demonstrators to march to the Capitol, with messages about the ‘fight’ and taking back the country; about Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani’s comments at the same rally about “trial by combat”; and about comments in the same vein made by his son Donald Trump, Jr.?
  • whether Lineberger wanted to comment on the growing number of calls for Vice President Michael Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment?

Lineberger declined to say anything further, writing:  “Aside from the statement we asked to be released, and the extreme disgust I have for what I witnessed unfold yesterday, I have no further comment at this time.”

Wilton’s Democratic Town Committee issued the following letter Thursday evening:

To the editor:

Donald Trump’s baseless assertions regarding election results led directly to yesterday’s assault on our nation’s Capitol building. The enabling Trumpist wing of the Republican party is equally to blame for the growing damage – together with Trump they continue to lie to the American public about election results, and then cite the concerns of the people that they misled as the basis for hijacking the electoral college process. Importantly, condemning the insurgents without condemning Trump and his enablers is a whitewash.

It is well-beyond time for all Americans to see Trump for what he is: a dangerous demagogue with no loyalties, no concern for truth, and no principles other than self-aggrandizement. A handful of responsible Republican leaders spoke with reason and perspective yesterday, both before and after the assault. Statements from the likes of Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse (and even Mitch McConnell, yesterday) suggest that the party can shake-off its deal with the devil if they have sufficient resolve. We hope that additional, traditional Republicans will reassert themselves. Meanwhile, we hold our breath regarding Trump’s remaining time in power, including self-serving executive orders and pardons to come, and believe it is not beyond reason to hope for the 25th Amendment to be exercised or for a second impeachment.

In all of the noise, let’s not lose sight of another issue. Security preparations to meet the MAGA-putsch wore characteristically kid gloves, and much of today’s media describe the MAGA insurrectionists as mere “protesters.” We should not shy from comparing these policing and media responses to the experiences of Black Lives Matter‘s supporters and other peaceful, recent cries for racial justice.

The United States remains the most exciting, most promising experiment in democratic government the world has known. Good ideas are not the exclusive domain of one party or the other, and we look forward to reestablishing the respectful, responsible push-and-pull that brings the best opportunities and results for all Americans.

Tom Dubin
Wilton Democratic Town Committee




  1. “…govern the country in a dignified way on behalf of all of the people.” Great idea but why did it take you 4 years to make this pronouncement?

  2. When I heard that the RTC had issued a statement condemning Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol, I was expecting to read a repudiation of President Trump’s claims of election fraud and calls for violence toward those performing their constitutional duties. Instead, I read a perfunctory statement condemning violent protests of an election characterized as “final,” rather than as legitimate. “It is time for both parties to move forward and govern . . . “ No, it is time for our elected leaders to move forward and govern. It is time for our judicial system to identify and prosecute those who fomented violence and committed crimes on Wednesday. And maybe it is time for each member of the RTC to think about whether he/she wants to align with the party of Trump or work to establish a new party, a true conservative and forward-thinking voice. And maybe the 3,600 Wilton citizens who voted for Trump in 2020 will reconsider their votes and their responsibility. Or maybe not. In a democracy, our vote is a personal choice. But with that choice comes some ownership of the consequences.

  3. The RTC statement’s brevity and vague focus on “violent political protestors” was utterly disappointing and cowardly. Move forward? Really? Five people are dead. The safety and security of our entire Federal government is in question. The right wing terrorists/Trump supporters who attacked our Capital did not happen to get violent during a protest. This was a premeditated attack that was fomented for years by Trump and his family, his sychophants and the Republican Party that has stood by him. This is the moment, if there ever was one, for the RTC to make a bold statement to sever all ties and associations with the dangerous actions and behaviors of Trump and his family, to separate yourselves from the lies about an election and the many other conspiracy theories he spreads, call out his narcissism and utter lack of governance. Be bold. You have a voice. Use it. Then perhaps, with time we can move forward.

  4. The angry comments are a symptom of a problem in this country even more insidious than partisan politics. Demonizing your neighbors is unhealthy both for society and for your mental health. While we’re all forced to be separated by COVID why choose to be further separated by political tribe, especially when we desperately need more unity not more division.

    Let’s begin by finding areas of agreement. Can we all agree that political violence is never justified?

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