Developer Patrick Downend has withdrawn his affordable housing application for 44 Westport Rd., according to the Town of Wilton Planning and Zoning office. As a result, there will be no public hearing on the matter next Monday, June 23.

According to town planner Bob Nerney, the developer has indicated that he intends to refile eventually, but right now, “Legally there’s nothing for the commission to review, no application.”

Nerney added, “If they do refile in the coming days or weeks it will probably be set for public hearing after Labor Day. The board normally goes into recess in August.” He added, “I sense it’s related to addressing questions that have been brought up by the staff reports.”

Reports prepared by the P&Z staff listed 51 potential questions and problems about the plan that the developer would have to address.

Lisa Huff, who lives in the Dudley Rd. house directly next door to the 44 Westport Rd. property, and who is the de facto spokesperson for the residents opposed to the plan told GOOD Morning Wilton: “We are happy to hear the developer has withdrawn his application. However, it is our understanding that he will be addressing some issues on the staff report and reapplying at a future date. Unfortunately, that still does not change the fact that this is a very busy intersection and there are still many safety and other concerns for any type of new development on that lot.”

The P&Z meeting scheduled for Monday at 7:15 p.m. will still happen at Cider Mill School’s cafeteria, because the meeting location change was publicized and legally can’t change. However, the matter of 44 Westport Rd. won’t be on the agenda.

GOOD Morning Wilton will have more on this on Monday.

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