BREAKING NEWS, Friday, June 9, 6:30 p.m.–Another oversized Wilton property has hit the real estate market–and is being marketed as having the potential for subdivision or qualifying for Age Restricted Overlay District (AROD) zoning.

The property, 183 Westport Rd., was listed on Thursday, June 8[Editor’s note:  While it’s a coincidence that the address is 183, just like the other AROD-related property in the news at 183 Ridgefield Rd., these are definitely different properties and not to be confused.]

The Westport Rd. property is listed on the realtors’ MLS as a 5.86-acre lot of residential land for sale, with a list price of $1,799,000. Located in a 1-acre zone, the property is described as having the potential to be subdivided into five (5) conventional lots; the listing also specifies that the property “qualifies for a[n] Age Restricted Overlay District (AROD) of 3 units per acre.”

From the aerial photo, it appears to sit atop a hill that slopes down through wooded land toward Westport Rd..

The main structure that currently stands on the property is a 4-bedroom house with a pool; there are also a 3-bedroom guest house and 6-car garage on the property. According to real estate records, the main home was built in 1910 and is owned by James and Dorothy Tracey. The listing states that the home is still occupied by the owners.

The property has been listed by realtor Kevin O’Brien of O’Brien Premier Properties.

Age Restricted Overlay District zoning was approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission as an amendment to Wilton’s current zoning regulations in November 2016. The amended regulations currently allow applicants to submit zone change applications to “overlay” an age-restricted zone on properties in 2-acre or 1-acre residential zones, allowing higher-density age-restricted housing to be built, with a maximum of three units per acre. The regulations identify three roads only where such overlay districts could be considered–Danbury Rd., Ridgefield Rd. and Westport Rd..

The town is currently embroiled in debate over whether Ridgefield Rd. should have been included in the AROD regulation approval. There is currently an application submitted to P&Z by Vicki Mavis to amend the regulations by removing Ridgefield Rd. entirely as a potential AROD zone.

What’s more, the property at 183 Ridgefield Rd. is set to be considered for development under AROD zoning by P&Z at a hearing scheduled for July 10. However, this past Tuesday, June 6 there was a lawsuit filed against the town of Wilton by Ridgefield Rd. resident Patricia Frisch to declare the Nov. 2016 AROD approval “null and void” and to place an injunction on the 183 Ridgefield Rd. hearing altogether. The suit also asks the court to prevent P&Z from “accepting, hearing and/or approving any and all pending or future applications for the establishment of an AROD zone,” as well as to dismiss current applications for such a change.