UPDATE–Wednesday, Feb. 12, 5:30 p.m.:  News of the sudden closing of Lang’s Pharmacy in Wilton Center shocked and saddened the community. As news spread about the purchase of the locally-owned independent store by the big-box pharmaceutical corporation CVS, it inspired reactions of anger and frustration online.

According to employees of both the Weston and Wilton locations, the sale was news to them as well. Several said they were only told two days ago about the sale–and about losing their jobs.

Employees told customers that Lang’s owners were prohibited from saying anything about the sale to the public before today, reportedly due to confidentiality restrictions placed on the deal by CVS.

Customers lined up after hearing the news to pick up medications before Lang’s closed for good on Wednesday evening.

GOOD Morning Wilton has reached out to the owner of Lang’s for comment but has not heard back.

BREAKING NEWS–Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2:15 p.m.:  Today is the last day Wilton customers will be able to shop at Lang’s Pharmacy. The independent retailer is closing as of end of day today, Wednesday, Feb. 12.

According to the person who answered the phone at the store, Lang’s Pharmacy of Wilton as well as the Weston location were purchased by CVS. All prescriptions will be transferred to CVS Wilton after today.

This is a developing story and will be updated…

8 replies on “BREAKING NEWS: Lang’s Pharmacy to Close Both Wilton & Weston Locations Today”

  1. I am so bummed to see Lang’s go. They had amazing customer service. I really trusted the pharmacist and felt like they truly cared about the work they were doing. I refuse to use CVS because they make way too many errors with their prescriptions (how could they not — they are always so busy!). I do not trust prescriptions from CVS and will have to now find another small pharmacy to use. I also find it really sad that small shops are closing up because big companies are buying them up. Support local businesses NOT big chains!!!!

  2. It’s so sad to see these small pharmacies close down. I worked for one in Rowayton for almost 10 years before it too sold to CVS. These little stores just can’t compete. While big stores like CVS fill the prescription need, they can’t compete with the small-town, personal service provided by small pharmacies. Truly sad to see another one go. ????

  3. Has GMW attempted to confirm this with CVS corporate? I’m not sure it’s plausible — CVS wouldn’t want Lang’s location, compared to its current one, and Lang’s was hardly a large commercial threat to their business. Does CVS have a history of buying tiny local pharmacies? Would love to know what the real story is, including whether it really did involve a sale to CVS. Gosh, how I dislike CVS’s mile-long receipts!

    1. CVS purchased the business, not the location. They bought the patient files and prescriptions–and basically the competition to eliminate it. They don’t plan on occupying the building.

      We’ve reached out to CVS for comment. In the meantime, perhaps you’ve seen these:



  4. Very sad news. Lang’s was a fixture in New Canaan for over 100 years until it was bought by Walgreens. The same thing happened there around 2012 in the same way, no warning, apparently a requirement for the sale.This obviously was a business and personal decision, but the chain pharmacies should take a lesson that they are part of a health system and as such must offer more costumer service and less employee turnover. Rising costs, including Wilton Taxes ,will cause landlords to raise rents and continue to weigh heavily on independent businesses in town.

  5. It is really a shame. Lang’s was in New Canaan for over 100 years. That store was purchased in 2012 by Walgreens under similar circumstances. No one knew until they closed. The big pharmacies need to bring back personal services , and in timely way. They also need to work on employees turnover. CVS should ask themselves why customers decided to cross the street .Cost of a small store these days is getting prohibitive. Landlord expenses go up, taxes go up, and merchants take the hit.

  6. This is sad, shocking & bad for our Community. Where were our State Representatives when Lang‘s reached out for help. Lang’s was a great asset to us; exemplary service, good people who had a wonderful supportive relationship with its customers. Big Box pharmacies not good. Local businesses should be supported. Lang’s was treated Unfairly by insurers & benefit managers; squeezed out of business. They were even prohibited from letting their customers know of the situation by the purchaser. Reach out to your representatives, ask why Lang was not supported.

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